Friday, September 20, 2019

Blow me down......

7:22 am - Friday - September 20th - Ramona, CA - 49° F, 90% humidity, wind - CALM....clear, blue, cool skies today with a forecast high of 82° F.

I cannot repeat this enough.....I love going to work at 9 am again!  I love getting up at 7 am again!  I love 70's and 80's temps!  I began my day responding to a note left by a monthly customer that his hose bib was leaking in site #104.  It was a simple fix....just a matter of tightening the valve cap.

The pool had not been used the day before so after the tests were done I did a little sweeping, and blew the leaves off the playground artificial turf, and that was pretty much the gist of my day....I employed both the handheld and backpack blowers for much of the day.  The entrance to the park had not been done for a couple of weeks so I began there and worked my way all the way to restroom #2 on Oak Street.  I think I ran the gas tank dry in the handheld blower once, and the tank on the backpack 3 times.....that is a lot of blowing......

The red line is where I worked, and is Oak Street

......I finished with Oak Street around 3:30 pm, so with 30 minutes to go what should I do?  Well, my golf cart was filthy after all the dust I had been raising all day so I proceeded to give it a good cleaning.  By the time I finished TLE was there waiting for me to finish so we could ride home together......that's another thing I like!

We sat outside on the 'lido' deck again listening to music and reading.  Around 6 pm I began grilling another filet mignon, which after eating same I believe has now taken top spot as one of my best efforts ever....... begins to get cool outside around 5 pm, and I have taken to wearing one of my flannel shirts to sit outside after 4 pm.....that is a very good trend.

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