Saturday, September 14, 2019

Full again........

7:21 am - Saturday - September 14th - Ramona, CA - 57° F, 69% humidity, wind - CALM.....clear, blue, hot skies today with a forecast high of 99° F.....glad I am not working today.

I got a preview of what pool cleaning will be like when we get a real serious 'Santa Ana' wind episode.  All things being equal the Santa Ana episode we had Thursday was very, very mild.  The result was skimmers jammed full of leaves and pine needles.  Of course, the pool deck was also covered with leaves and pine needles.  As a result I spent almost 3.5 hours readying the pool for the influx of our weekend customers seeking asylum from their workaday lives for a couple of days......

....with the arrival of 'winter hours' we are working, for the time being, one less hour on Fridays for a total of 4 each.  Since I have been starting work at 8 am lately that means I'm off at 12 pm to begin my 2.5 day weekend.....sweet.

I finally finished my pool work about 11:20 am, and with time in my work day waning quickly I headed directly to the mini golf course to blow another day's worth of leaves off the holes.  I was finished with that task within 15 minutes and was heading back to the office area to return my work implements to their designated places when I received a call on my 2-way radio advising an arriving customer had requested assistance backing into site #42.  Sites 35-42 are terraced sites that run up Maple Street, which means if you have a trailer, or 5th wheel you are either backing it up, or down Maple to get into your site.  Motorhomes seem to have no trouble getting into these sites, but those with trailers seem to struggle at times.

By the time the customer arrived at the site, and I had him safely ensconced in same it was a few minutes after 12 pm, and time to punch the clock for the final time this week.  We were a couple of hours away from the high of the day, but it was already very hot, and I was thankful I was heading home for a cool shower, and a little A/C.  TLE followed me into the weekend an hour later.

We have noticed a significant change in this new site now that we have more shade, and less direct sun exposure during the heat of the day.  The bedroom never gets hot as it used to, and the font of the coach is always very comfortable with the rear A/C on low fan.  Sometimes it almost gets too cool.  With the afternoon shade enveloping the coach by 4 pm it cools off quickly once the sun moves beyond the hill behind the coach.  In short, we love our new, temporary site.  We'll sit here until the temps begin to consistently cool down, and then move back to site #72 for the Fall and Winter.....we'll enjoy and appreciate the sun exposure in that site when it gets cold.

Speaking of site #72, here are the latest pictures of how both 72 and 73 looked Friday afternoon.......

 Site #72 (our site) almost done.....just a little 
more gravel and she's done

Site #73 done, and ready for occupancy.....nice and level now

......note how very wide site #72 is now....very spacious and level!

September 13th marked the arrival of the 'full' moon, and with clear skies we had quite a light show Friday evening.......

......thank you for stopping by once again!

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  1. Friday the 13th and a full moon! I hope things went well for you for the rest of the day.


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