Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Easy come, EZGO......

6:33 am - Tuesday - September 17th - Ramona, CA - 54° F, 86% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the east by northeast.....partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 86° F.

With temps back into the high 80's I opted to continue beginning my work day at 8 am, and working until 3 pm Monday.  I began my day driving up to the water tank to check the level, and seeing we were down 4,000 gallons I turned on the pumps. About that time I got a text from my good friend Guy Cobham, who owns a 1984 Newell Classic, which I had helped him find a few years ago.  He and his wife, Sue, are back in North Carolina working at a KOA this summer.  He is in the process of changing out his coolant in his big 8V92 Detroit Diesel, and had a few questions.  We talked for a while, and then after bidding him adieu headed to my next task.

Next up, as always, was pool duty.  I think I mentioned a few days ago that now that we are past Labor Day I am only sweeping and vacuuming the pool on Mondays and Fridays, so that is what I did Monday.  We had a sort of long office meeting at 9 am, so I did not finish the pool until well after 11 am, and by 12 pm I was finished with the horseshoe pits, and mini golf course....time for lunch!  I picked TLE up from the office and we headed home for our 30 minute paid break.

We have been in need of a 'new' golf cart since we arrived in April, and Monday we took delivery on a new to us EZGO golf cart (it is a 2012 model).  We now have 4 EZGO golf carts of varying ages, and we now have enough golf carts for everyone working outdoors on a given day.  

In the afternoon Rich had a few 'fix it' jobs for me in cabins 64 & 65, as well as some cleanup in the 'pavilion' tents (sweep them out, and clean the BBQ's).  All of that took me to 1:45 pm when I turned my attention to pressure washing the concrete patio behind the Red Barn.  Some customers had used the BBQ's two weekends ago, and spattered grease on the concrete around the BBQ's.  I worked until just after 3 pm, but was not finished so I will return Tuesday, or Wednesday to finish that task.

By the time I arrived home the temp was already down to 85° F so I just opened all the windows, and left the A/C off.....nice.  By the time TLE came home at 4 pm we opened up the door, and dropped the screen.  I went outside to enjoy the slightly cooler air, and stayed outside until after 7 pm when the cool of the evening chased us back inside.

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  1. Inquiring minds want to know - how did you clean that grease off concrete? (I'm serious. I actually have some muriatic acid, but it's probably gone bad by now.)