Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Back to regular programming......

7:25 am - Wednesday - September 18th - Ramona, CA - 48° F, 83% humidity, wind - CALM....clear, blue skies with 10 miles visibility today and a forecast high of 83° 14 days we have nothing but 70's and 80's....perfect fall weather for SoCal!  It got very cold last night!  Had to turn on two heaters this morning to take the chill out of the air.

I noticed as I was driving around RORVR Tuesday that there was this sort of crispness in the air I had not noticed for a long time.  I associate that feel with autumn in SoCal, and autumn is just 6 days away as of Tuesday.  Even though I know we are past the middle of September now I seem to be in the 'summer mode' still.  There's a part of me that wants to believe the worst of summer has passed us by, but the other part is still waiting for the other shoe to drop.  As long as I have lived in SoCal we always get one more heat blast either in late September, or early October before summer finally gives way to autumn.  As part of that concession that it has cooled down I will be returning to my pre-summer work schedule of 9-4 on Wednesday.  I am looking forward to sleeping in until 7 am again, and getting up with the sun.

I spent time Tuesday morning doing my usual thing, but added filling in a few squirrel holes (good luck with that....those squirrels are persistent) around the mini golf course, and then blowing leaves, gravel and other related debris off Maple, Ash, Pine and Oak.  In the afternoon I installed new hose bibs in site 129 (a new site), and sewer covers and caps in 129 and 93.  I never got back to the grease stains in the concrete at the Red Barn, but that will be done for sure on Wednesday.  We have some concrete cleaner I am going to try on those stains, and if it works I will let you know what brand it is.  I had a comment on Monday's blog mentioning muriatic acid, but this concrete is colorized, and I think the acid may bleach out the color.  We, obviously, have gallons of muriatic acid for use in our pool.  I have used that before on my concrete driveway in our former sticks and bricks home.

By the time I finished with the installation of the hose bibs and sewer caps it was quitting time (3 pm).  TLE drove into town directly from work at 4 pm to pick up some things she forgot to buy last Saturday, and brought home some Rubio's original fish tacos for was 'Taco Tuesday', so why not?

I was in bed by 9:30 pm looking forward to getting up at 7 am....suweet!  Thanks for stopping by!

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