Saturday, September 28, 2019

Friday & Family

8:14 am - Saturday - September 28th - Ramona, CA - 61° F, 97% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the south by southeast.....raining since 6:15 am....not forecast, and not supposed to be raining now.  Nice, gentle rain.....the view this morning......

Friday I put on my 'pool boy' hat once again as the weekend is upon us, and with a breezy couple of days since I last swept and vacuumed the pool on Monday there was a lot of vegetable matter visible on the bottom.  Rich and Dave are still working on the drainage system at the pool so I left the deck alone, but got both the Jacuzzi and pool ready for the weekend, and it if doesn't rain, it will be enjoyed by all.

After getting the pool area into shape I headed up to the horseshoe pits, and then down to the mini golf course to find hole #1 under water, and the others covered with leaves.  We have a large squeegee at the pool, so I retrieved it and began pushing the water off hole #1.  Once that was done I used the hand blower to clear all 9 holes of leaves.

It was now about 12 pm and I only had one hour remaining in my short 4 hour work day.  As I mentioned yesterday 4 of our kids and their families are coming to visit us for the weekend, so I called TLE at the office to find out what sites their RV's would be using and then took the hand blower to clear the oak leaves off both of those sites in advance of their arrival later Friday afternoon.  Once that was done it was time to call it a day.

We have been wanting to buy a portable propane fire pit, but were awaiting cooler weather.  Well, the cooler weather has now arrived so TLE and I drove into town to visit TSC (Tractor Supply Company).  They had just two smaller ones left, so we bought one of them.  At first I thought it was too small, but after using it Friday night we think it is just perfect.....

Picture courtesy my son-in-law, Rod provides just enough ambiance, and warmth.  Nothing like a campfire when you are camping!

Meredith and Jake arrived around 5:30 pm, and knowing the other kids would not be arriving for another hour we decided to head up to Wynola Pizza and Bistro for some brews and pizza, of course.  We had a lovely time talking and eating our thin crust pizzas.  While we were there TLE spoke with our daughter, Kate, who had just arrived and agreed to order a couple of pizzas for them, so we headed home around 7 pm with pizzas in hand to see the rest of our kids.  We sat around the 'fire' until after 9:30 pm planning to get back together in the morning around 8 am for breakfast, but the early Saturday morning rain has intervened and breakfast has been delayed until 9 is still raining....what a change from a week ago!

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