Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Adieu, adieu, adieu......

 7:33 am - Wednesday - August 4th - Seal Rock, OR - 48° F, 94% humidity, wind - zero mph out of the north......a little overcast right with clearing later today and a forecast high of 62° F.  On this date in 2013 we were parked in the Kalispell Walmart RV ghetto for a couple of days.....↴

All good things must end, and Tuesday another one came to and end.  As I got dressed for work I saw that Glenn and Laureen were dumping their black tank, and would be ready to roll within a few minutes.  By the time I had exited our Newell Glenn had turned over their big Detroit Diesel 6v92, and by 9:50 am he was rolling out of site A-3 headed for new horizons with Laureen.  I managed to remember to memorialize their exit from SRRVC with a short video......

.....of course, hugs and 'until next times' were exchanged, and then it was time to begin another two hour shift.  If you look closely at the beginning of the video you can just see the rear of Glenn and Laureen's Honda Element as they are waiting to enter the north bound lanes of US-101.

I returned to the task I left unfinished Monday.....painting the two large electrical service boxes affixed to the restrooms......

This is a can of the 'black' Hammerite, we use brown, which is what I used on the two boxes at SRRVC we used a product called Hammerite Rust Cap to protect metal surfaces from the heavy salt content of the marine air, and it seems to do a terrific job if applied correctly.  Whoever applied it to these boxes the last time did not do a good job of surface prep as most of it flaked off the boxes during prep, however, the metal surface is rust free, so I guess it worked in spite of the less than adequate surface preparation.....

.....working with this stuff is like painting with heavy, thick, cold molasses, and it seems it will take two coats to completely cover everything in one, even, brown coat..... took me about 90 minutes to finish applying the first coat, and I cannot apply another one for 24 hours, so I headed over to the office to prep the 3rd electrical service box.  It had never been painted, and appeared to be relatively new, so all I had to due was thoroughly sand the gray paint, and then apply masking tape to the areas where no Hammerite is desired.  I was done by 12 noon, and headed over to the office to pick TLE (she worked 9 am to 12 pm) up and head for home.

After four days of seeing both A-2 and A-3 occupied with Newell Classics we arrived home to see just our '82 Newell sitting there looking a little  I spent part  of the afternoon dumping our black tank, and doing some other odd jobs around the site before heading inside for the balance of the day as the fog rolled in and out, and the winds continued to blow out of the north.

Usually when we bid adieu to family and/or friends who have come to visit us we kind of sigh at the bittersweet feelings flooding over us, and then remark it is time to recharge our social batteries, but that has never been the case with Glenn and Laureen.  Their visits always seem to energize us....I have to say I was a little bit envious that they were heading to the next horizon, and we were staying put for another 8 weeks....usually it is the other way around for us.  Safe travels Glenn and Laureen!

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