Tuesday, August 10, 2021

The $64,000 question......

 7:41 am - Tuesday - August 10th - Seal Rock, OR - 50° F, 100% humidity, wind - CALM.....fog, marine layer.....clearing later with a forecast high for today of 65° F.  On this date in 2012 TLE and I had ridden our bikes to Oney's Roadhouse near Jewell, OR for lunch......↴

Monday Fred and I were back to our split shift schedule.....me working 10am to 12 pm, and he from 2 pm to 4 pm.  I was able to get back to painting picnic tables, and managed to complete almost two tables before it was time to do site checks....I'll finish the second one Tuesday morning.    There were another 10 'ins' and 10 'outs' including someone coming into site A-3 for three nights.  I was able to complete site checks shortly before 12:30 pm, and was home within 5 minutes.

I have a question for my readers today.....for those of you who have been vaccinated against COVID-19....when you went to get your shots, did the doctor/nurse advise you of any potential side effects of the vaccine other than shot site reaction, or maybe feeling a little ill later on.  All vaccines have numerous potential side effects, so I'm curious what you were told prior to receiving your jab.  Perhaps you were given some literature.  If you can remember any of them it would be great to know what they are.  Hope you will leave comments below.

The weather Monday was sunny all day long, but around 11 am the north wind returned, and by 3 pm TLE and I had to stow the patio awning after only being up 24 hours.....that was short lived!  For the first time in weeks I wore a short sleeved shirt to work (no jacket), and until the north wind freshened around 11 am it seemed like a good idea.  By the time I got home I was quite chilly.  The wind velocity increased into the mid 20's throughout the afternoon meaning there would be no sunset fire, but by 10 pm it was calm once again.

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  1. The shot came with paperwork about the possible problems.
    I took the shots because my spouse insisted... I noticed no after effects.

  2. It was a hard decision for Marcia (wife) who has MS, but since we had a wedding to attend and travel from coast to coast she decided to take the chance and got it. We both got it at Walgreens and they gave a brochure and typed paper which had some side affects, but not nearly what you can find on Internet at official medical sites. They were only giving Pfizer shot, so I assumed the info they gave related to Pfizer. She did have a bad reaction...felt like she had a bad UTI. One of her MS drugs was to control urge, a problem with people who have MS. For second shot we just had her skip that medication for 4 days, day prior and next 3 days, and she did not have the bad reaction for the second shot. NONE of this was in info provided by Walgreens, and hard to find on 'official' medical sites, but found on a couple of MS sites. Hope this helps.

  3. Wife and I both received Moderna vaccine at a pharmacy, and only received short written information that contained little information regarding potential reactions to shot. After first shot almost no reaction, but after second both had reaction day after injection. Not bad but just general malaise. Next day all good. Second shot was administered February 15, so it has been 6 months and all is good. We are both at 80 plus years.

  4. Like the others, they gave us some sheets on what to expect and look out for. I have had friends experience no reaction to being bedridden for several days, although most have mild reactions. I didn't have any reaction on my first Moderna shot, but on the second had a short lived fever during the night afterwards.

  5. Three of us took the J&J at the same time. Moral support I guess. It was admininistered at CVS. They were very open to questions and I asked plenty about its efficacy and such. But in truth, who knows? It is so early. This was late May. I opted for J&J because I chose NOT to have the MRNA factor and I only wanted to go through it once. It's enough to say I have done it and have the card to prove it so for me, that was the most important thing. I needed to get on a plane and I wasn't sure if that might be a necessity. As to side effects, 2 out of 3 had sore arms. Mine lasted a bit. One felt very poorly the first day but that was all. I can't honestly say that I have felt anything negative. J&J is more like the standard vaccines people have taken for years. The MRNA did concern me for long term unknown effects, but surely millions have gotten it and for the most part so far are fine. Again Who really knows? And for the record, I have NEVER gotten a flu shot and am on no medications at the ripe old age of 71. So, so needless to say this was a tough decision.