Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Mixed bag.....

 7:36 am - Wednesday - August 11th - Seal Rock, OR - 52° F, 100% humidity, wind - CALM.....sun, no clouds today with a forecast high of 69° F....the high in Portland today will be 101° F, and 97° F in Spokane....we are in the right place.  On this date in 2013 we were having dinner at Fiesta en Jalisco Mexican Restaurant on the shores of Flathead Lake in Polson, MT....↴

Tuesday was a mixed bag weather began foggy, then by 8 am it had cleared to sunny skies and no wind, but by 10 am the north wind kicked in, and by noon the fog was rolling in once again to make it a cold, blustery, foggy afternoon.  I wore a long sleeve shirt, and never took my jacket off during my 2 hour shift.  A two hour shift which included the semi monthly 30 minute task of cleaning the WDS filters with Fred, about an hour of moving and rehanging tools in the landscape shed, and a final 30 minutes of site checks.....a nice, easy, uneventful two hour shift.

After changing clothes (TLE went into Newport to do some shopping) I headed out to the garage (trailer) to begin the task of thoroughly cleaning, and lubing all three of our bikes.  I'm sure it has not escaped you that I have not written about riding my bike for a very long time.  In fact the last time either of us rode was when we were in Santa Barbara on our way home from our one month vacation back in March.  It has just been to rainy, too windy, and too cold most of the time to ride.  There were a few days here and there where we had good weather, but I knew both my bikes needed attention, so I procrastinated, however, I am determined to get back in the saddle and begin riding again, so I began with my Cannondale Bad Boy.  Over the course of a couple of hours I managed to clean both wheels, all the spokes, the hubs, the chain, and the 9 speed cassette as well as most of the frame.  Still to be done is lube the chain, check the tire pressure, and the air pressure in the front shock, which I will do Wednesday after work.  While this was going on I had my Garmin cyclo computer and taillight charging....both were virtually completely discharged, and when those lithium batteries get that low it takes several hours of charging to bring them back to 100%.  TLE returned from her shopping foray in Newport about the time I was putting my tools away for the day.

Thank you for your comments regarding your experiences with getting vaccinated.  The intent of my question was to elicit information about specific potential side effects you were warned about OTHER THAN feeling under the weather, or shot site reaction, but appreciate your shared experiences, nonetheless.  Most vaccinated people I have conversed with about the side effects they were warned about do not recall what they were.  Most, like those who replied, had some reaction to the first, or second shot, but nothing major.  Like you, I have done some research into the side effects, but I am just wondering what specifically any of you were told about potential side effects like death, or heart failure, etc.  If any of you remember specifically what you were told about side effects I would love to hear what they were.

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  1. Prior to getting the vaccine, I discussed it with all my medical providers, Primary Care Physician, Cardiologist, Ophthalmogist, Dentist and Podiatrist. All without hesitation said they were taking the shot and highly recommend I take it. I have Type II diabetes and hypertension, and Cardiologist told me there were no risks associated with vaccine and my medical conditions.