Thursday, August 19, 2021

What's the temperature?

 7:40 am - Thursday - August 19th - Seal Rock, OR - 55° F, 94% humidity, wind - CALM....foggy this morning with a forecast high today of 62° F.  On this date in 2018 TLE and I hiked the South Ridge trail to the summit of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park.....↴

I finally got to mow and trim sites A-1 to A-3 Wednesday.  It has been a month since I last mowed/trimmed them, and really, they weren't that bad, but things were getting a bit ragged around the edges.  I was able to do all three sites, plus the small drainage ditch which runs from site A-3 down NW Cross Street to the entrance/office in about 90 minutes.  From there I performed the site checks task leaving me an hour before the end of my 3 hour shift.  I returned to painting another picnic table, and managed to get the table top, and two benches done by 1 pm.  I'll finish the rest of the table on Thursday.

The sun came out, unexpectedly, around noon time, and we had sun for most of the afternoon.  Since it was nice outside I took time to trouble shoot a problem we've been having with the temperature gauge on our read temps from three different zones inside the coach, plus the outside temperature and Norcold temp (pull out refer) for a total of five zones.  The refrigerator zone had stopped working a few weeks ago....

From left to right: Out/Tankage (water bay)/REF (Refrigerator)/Freezer (Norcold refer)/IN (Inside) order to check the temperature in one of the five zones you turn the selector switch (second picture) to the desired zone.  The refrigerator is the middle zone on the selector, and as you can see it working again.  The zone to the left of 'REF' is 'TANKAGE', and that refers to our water bay.  The zone to the right says FREEZER, but that is the pull out Norcold refer.  In checking the wiring from the refrigerator section by section I found a place where the wire had been spliced years ago, and the connection had come loose, so it was just a matter of restoring the connection, and the gauge began to show a temperature for the fridge once again.....37° F.

By 5 pm the fog rolled in, and any chance of memorializing another sunset vanished in the mist.  The 15 day forecast shows temps continuously in the 60's....what a summer!

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