Thursday, August 5, 2021


 7:22 am - Thursday - August 5th - Seal Rock, OR - 54° F, 100% humidity, wind 7 mph out of the north by northwest......foggy, thick marine layer....everything is wet outside now, and rain is forecast for this evening.....forecast high for today is 60° F.  On this date in 2013 TLE and I were at Flathead Brewing Company on the shores of Flathead Lake near Kalispell, MT having some brews......↴

About the only job I have not performed here at SRRVC is to dig a ditch.....not one ditch in 10 months, but Wednesday that is exactly what I was tasked for by Terry.  I needed to dig a ditch from the electrical box at site #25 to the cable TV junction box next to the gravel road which leads to the cul-de-sac......

It's not a very deep ditch as ditches go ditches go this was not a very deep one....maybe 6"....maybe the word 'trench' would be more appropriate, but it is about 70' long.  Thankfully, two thirds of the trench was compacted sand....quite easy to dig.  The 1/3 that was not sand was through the compacted gravel ingress to the overflow parking area.  In all I spent about 2 hours on the ditch.....45 minutes digging 50', and the balance digging the 20' through the compacted grave roadbed into the overflow parking area.  I spent the final hour of my three hour shift first doing site checks, then moving the final five spots in the tent area.  I still need to trim the hedges in those sites, but it shouldn't take too long.  TLE was just coming back to work for the second half of her split shift at 1 pm when I headed for home.

Right after I got home the north wind freshened, and the fog rolled in taking a stranglehold over the environment.  The cold, blustery north wind has been ever present for the past two weeks, and there appears no end in site.  We get occasional mornings where we see the sun, but most mornings we awake to fog, or a marine layer, or the north wind, or a combination thereof.  There have been brief sun showers, but for the most part it has been cold, wet and windy.  This is our first complete summer on the Oregon Coast, and frankly we have loved it.  Never heard this summer is the whirring of air conditioner electric motors driving compressors to spew cold air into an otherwise hot environment.  Instead we hear the occasional quiet whir of our electric heaters in the early mornings, and evenings....a nice change from that to which we have been accustomed in the past.  I close today's missive with a picture of my brother-in-law Glenn Parker, and TLE's sister Laureen on Seal Rock Beach the other day....this is how we dress when we go to the

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