Tuesday, August 3, 2021

The final curtain.......

7:28 am - Tuesday - August 3rd - Seal Rock, OR -  50° F, 94% humidity, wind - zero mph out of the north.....overcast this morning with clearing later in the day and a forecast high of 61° F.  On this date in 2020 we were at Priest Lake, ID with George and Brenda Cheney on their party boat.....↴

Monday, like so many days lately, was beset by a heavy marine layer that just would not give way to the sun until around 4 in the afternoon, and then only for an hour, or so.  The north wind blowing at 10-12 mph combined with high humidity made it feel bitter cold outside, and for the first time in days I wore my jacket to work.  I'm reminded of the famous Mark Twain saying....."The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco".  Substitute 'Seal Rock' for 'San Francisco' in that sentence and you will begin get my drift.....lol.

My assignment Monday was to prepare and paint three large electrical service boxes in the park.  Two are on the front wall of our restrooms, and one (pretty new appearing) is next to the office.  One has never been painted (next to the office), and the other two (restrooms) haven't been painted for a few years.  Paint, like most other materials here on the Oregon Coast, does not fair well in the salty air, and neither does the metal it is meant to protect.  The preparation required to paint a metallic surface which has been exposed to the salty air takes quite a while, and I was only able to finish preparing the two boxes at the restrooms before 12 pm rolled around.  No one had done the site checks yet so I grabbed the printout from the office, and took care of those before heading for home around 12:30 pm.  I was so cold at the end of my shift that it took me about 30 minutes within the confines of the Newell to warm up once again.  TLE's shift Monday ran from 11 am to 2 pm.

Glenn and Laureen took another walk on the beach at Seal Rock while we were at work, and Laureen, who was to prepare dinner for the four of us that night, went into Newport to buy some vittles.

We convened at their Newell around 5:20 pm for the dinner festivities, and I managed to remember to take the required 'usie' to memorialize the occasion.....

.....all through dinner, all through desert, and afterwards until 9 pm the conversation continued unabated covering, as always, a wide range of topics.  Ultimately we headed outside to take some last pictures of us and our Newells together before they depart for new adventures Tuesday morning......

....it has been four days of non-stop conversation and laughter, and it seems way less than that.  How does time go so quickly?  We know our paths will cross again, and we look ever so forward to that time.  Thank you for including us in your summer travels!

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