Thursday, August 26, 2021

It's a picnic......

 7:42 am - Thursday - August 26th - Seal Rock, OR - 55° F, 100% humidity, wind 5 mph out of the south.....overcast, raining today with a forecast high of 66° F.  This is the first sustained rain in a month.  Started raining last night around 8:30 pm, and rained all night.  On this date in 2013 TLE and I were enjoying the morning view at the home of long time friends Bob and Karen near Coupeville, WA.....Harrington Lagoon is in the foreground.....↴

Wednesday began with heavy overcast, which cleared for about 5 hours, and then rolled back in, and by 8:30 pm we had rain.  During the winter rain was so ubiquitous the moments without the sound of rain upon our aluminum roof were rare, but the last few months the pitter patter of rain has become extremely rare that we are under a burn ban now.  So what happened during the sunny part of Wednesday?

I work by my self Wednesdays and Thursdays, and Wednesday I returned to picnic table duty.  I left off last week beginning to scrape another table in preparation for painting. I managed to finish scraping that table, and then painted it taking me up to 11:45 am.  I spent the next 1/2 hour doing site checks, then returned to the tent area to begin scraping the final of five tables, but left it unfinished as 1 pm arrived all too quickly....time to head for home.  TLE is back to one 9 am to 12 pm shift on Wednesdays, and then the same split shift on Thursdays she has been working for some time.

As I have been doing for several days now I spent time in the trailer putting things away.  I'm just kind of chipping around the edges right now.  The big stuff (table with three tool bags, the Black & Decker Workmate with bench grinder, fire place, bicycles, etc.) will be dealt with around the middle of September as our departure day draws ever closer.

Here in the People's Republic of Oregon Gov. Brown has mandated that everyone, including the vaccinated, wear masks indoors and OUTDOORS for the foreseeable future....wait, what?  We are also being told that many previously completely vaccinated folks will need periodic booster shots as the 'vaccine' loses its efficacy over time.  I guess that is one of the many unknowns about the numerous 'vaccines' on the market today, which are not really vaccines as we have known them.  They are, in fact, technically, gene therapy drugs.  If being 'vaccinated' doesn't protect you from the Wuhan Flu, then what is the point?  I've lost track of people who have been completely vaccinated, and subsequently being diagnosed with COVID-19.  John Rahm, the number one professional golfer in the world, has come down with COVID-19 twice since being completely vaccinated.  Eric Clapton (who doesn't know who he is, right?) was completely vaccinated and still got COVID....he lost feeling in his arms, hands, and legs for weeks, and wondered if he would ever play guitar again.  Was that from COVID, or the 'vaccine'?  Meanwhile, back at the ranch, TLE and I continue to be asymptomatic....we wear masks as little as possible, and spend the rest of our time breathing free air indoors and outdoors.

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  1. Clark, the world will never be the same. Oregon has the 4th fewest cases, per million population, 5th fewest deaths, per million, and Miss Hitler uses that to CONTROL her flock ... all the while allowing her Black Shirts to run wild through Portland ransacking, beating up the flock, and having their way with the city. And Portland will be sure to re-elect her since they essentially control the statewide vote. (all just my opinion, of course) What a waste of otherwise a great state.

  2. Clark, your remarks don’t seem to square with accounts of Oregon’s health system on the brink of breaking with record numbers of hospitalizations, icu beds, deaths from covid etc etc

    1. Don't believe everything you see on TV, or read on the internet. Oregon has the 4th lowest infection and death rate in the U.S. right now. Sure the number of people contracting COVID is up significantly, the hospitalizations are not. Here in Lincoln County there have been 535 new cases of COVID with just 7 hospitalizations over that period of time....not all at the same time. In densely populated areas like Portland they are in trouble, but this is not Portland, or Multnomah County. Oregon as a whole is doing just fine.