Sunday, August 8, 2021

How dry am I?

 7:40 am - Sunday - August 8th - Seal Rock, OR - 46° F, 100% humidity, wind - CALM....sunny today with a forecast high of 62° F. On this date in 2017 TLE and I were hiking the Mt. Washburn trail in Yellowstone NP.....10,219' elevation....we hiked almost 15 miles that day↴

The wind continued out of the west Saturday, and we actually awoke to clear blue skies, however, the forecast indicated possible rain in the afternoon.  By 11 am the clouds had begun to roll in, and by 2 pm it was drizzling, but it never really least not according to Coastal Oregon standards.  We received notice via email that Oregon has issued a statewide burn burn piles, and no campfires....even on the coast.  There hasn't been any measurable precipitation the past month, or so, and the grass has stopped growing for all practical purposes, so yeah, it is very dry.  All that being said, I think I will have to mow our site one last time as it is getting a little ragged around the edges after 3 weeks. 

Now that we are inside 7 weeks until departure I try to spend time in the trailer each day sorting through the things we (I primarily) have acquired over the past 10+ months, and am slowly thinning out the herd.  When Glenn and Laureen were here I passed on to them the shelving, drawers, control board, etc. I had salvaged from our defunct Dometic fridge.  They have the same model as we did, so some of these things may come in handy down the line for them.  There is still a long ways to go, but I know I will get to the point eventually (before the end of September) when we can insert the VW into the trailer once again.

The park remains close to 100% occupancy as it has been for most of the past month....we have a site come available due to cancellation periodically, but on the best day we may have one, or two sites available for overnighters only.  Most of our current customers are here for 1-2 week durations meaning it is difficult to find a site in which we can trim hedges, or mow.  On occasion a customer will request that we do just that while they are still here, but we only agree to do it if we believe we can do it without harming their some cases that is not possible.  I say that to say things dry out, and stop growing we have less to do in the park.  I had been averaging 14-17 hours per week, but this past week I worked just 12 hours. We do have picnic tables we can paint, and I believe that is what will occupy some of our time over the next few weeks. 

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