Friday, December 30, 2022

Running behind......

 6:31 am - Friday - December 30th - GNHS - 47° F, humidity 90%, wind 5 mph out of the southeast......partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 65°F.  On this date in 2012 we had just arrived at Cedar Key, FL for the second time in less than a year....the beginnings of my yard light fetish are becoming evident......↴

.....the view this morning.......

I'm running late this morning, and we've got 5 rentals going out by 8 am, so I will return later this morning to finish the blog.

Okay, we've got six rentals out this morning (Friday), and now I'm able to get back to finishing today's installment of our life, such as it is.  Thursday we had no rental reservations to begin the day, but by the end of the morning we had two RZRs rented to 'walkup' customers.  Casey (who left for the airport Thursday morning with Torri) called me mid morning and asked me to remove the clutch housing cover on #4 and check out the belt, advising the customer who rented it Wednesday said a check engine light came on while they were out.  Upon removal of the clutch cover it became apparent why the check engine light came on......

The section of the belt to the left is how the outside of the belt should look, and the section on the right is ¡no bueno!

....the belt was beginning to come apart, as you can see above.  I next removed the bad belt by cutting it out, and then called Kyle to let him know we needed to install a new belt....he has a  special tool which makes the process 100% easier......

New Polaris drive belt ready for installation

......once that was done I went back to detailing some of the RZRs which had gone out Wednesday.

The weather was pretty overcast much of the day, and it looked like it might rain at some point, but no moisture was forthcoming...... late afternoon the sun came out lighting up the Chocolate Mountains to the north....

....both RZRs were back by 4 pm, and by 4:30 pm they were both washed and refueled for Friday.

TLE and I watched the final 4 episodes of 'Jack Ryan' on Amazon (8 episodes in all for Season 3), and thoroughly enjoyed them.  If you are looking for something to 'binge watch' over New Years, or any time for that matter, check out 'Jack Ryan' on Amazon Prime.  There are thee season in all now.

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