Thursday, December 22, 2022

Coincidence, or destiny?

 7:24 am - Thursday - December 22nd - GNHS - 44° F, humidity 57%, wind 2 mph out of the south by southeast......high, whispy clouds today with a forecast high of 69° F.  On this date in 2018 TLE and I were visiting the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY......↴

Suits her, doesn't it?

My favorite one

As you will recall I've been waiting for the delivery of the 3rd suction cup to stabilize the new flag pole.  It, along with 4 new 3" stainles steel hose clamps, arrived Tuesday afternoon while we were on our way home from San Diego.  Once that one was installed it was my intent to move the Starlink dishy from its present location on the front of the trailer to the flag pole at the rear of the trailer to mitigate the obstruction by the large tree right next to the front of the trailer, which was causing momentary internet outages when streaming TV.  After I installed the new suction cup, and then added a cargo strap as an extra precaution I completely changed my mind on the placement of the Starlink dishy, and installed it on the roof of the office where the COA Starlink is currently situatted......

....I do plan to eventually install the dish on the flag pole, but I want more time to be sure the suction cups won't fail.  Instead I moved my pirate flag to the new flag pole, and added our Christmas flag, which I had forgotten to fly earlier in December as I usually do.....

.....we'll see how the pole does when it gets windy, but in the mean time the dishy is now free from obstructions, and works great!

Also, upon our return to GNHS from our trip to San Diego Tuesay, I found a box of new trackers had arrived from the Durango office of COA.  We've been short a couple of trackers for a few weeks, so I spent part of the morning installng two of the three trackers in #2, and in the Mule.  Now we have one extra tracker should one disappear.  Previously, all the trackers were affixed to each UTV utilizing industrial grade VELCRO, but that was not fool proof as we lost one.  To alleviate this problem I installed eah one permanently.....

.....using a clip which comes with each tracker, and then drilling 4 holes, and affixing it to the UTV with 4 stainless steel can see the old VELCRO in the first picture in the foreground.

For a non-work day Wednesday was a very busy day.  I washed two of the KRX's we rented on Sunday, I fueled up another KRX, and I left to drive down to El Centro around 3 pm to pick up the new parts at COYNE, which will be used to fix the damage to #2 RZR caused by the roll over a couple of weeks ago.  I didn't get back from El Centro until after 5:30 pm.

If you love serendipty, you'll love this little story!  Back on December 17th of 2020 when we were traveling with Glenn and Laureen (brother and sister-in-law) during the first stages of the Wuhan Flu we were in Durango, CO looking for a restaurant at which to have lunch.  As you will recall, very few restaurants were open then, and those that were open were only serving 'dining in' was allowed.  We found an open restaurant called the Balcony Bar and Grill where we purchased hamburgers and beer, but we still had no place to eat them other than the car.....that was a non-starter.  I had noticed when we parked our cars down the street that there was some sort of sports equipment rental kiosk, which was closed due to the Wuhan Flu, which had a table and four chairs so we walked back down there and sat at that table......

.....I took this 'usie' of us eating lunch.  The building to my left is a Thai restaurant, and to my right, though you cannot see it, was the it turns out that kiosk belongs to Colorado Outback Adventures.....our employers, and that is their table!  You can see the VW Beetle in the background.  Is that cool, or what?  Coincidence, or destiny?

Well, anyway that was our Wednesday, and now begins the Christmas rush.  We have two rentals going out Thursday, then 6 on Friday, and Saturday, so we will be busy for sure!

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  1. Looks like y’all will be busy but I’m sure you can arrange some downtime & just enjoy all you're doing.Merry Christmas

  2. Merry Christmas!
    I read your blog from Northern Minnesota. Our grand son is with the Mn National Guard and is in El Centro for 12 months. That’s pretty much the end of the world, geographically speaking! How fun to realize you are practically his neighbor!


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