Friday, December 9, 2022

Flight of the Phoenix.....

 7:05 am - Friday - December 9th - GNHS - 43° F, 58% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the west by southwest....crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 65° F.  On this date in 2020 our 14 year old Dometic absorption fridge gave up the ghost, and as a stop gap measure we purchased one of those 'dorm' refrigerators from Walmart, and set it up on a table on the 'lido deck'.......↴

We opened the office at 9 am Thursday, and to begin my day I washed the 2 seat Kawasaki we had rented on Tuesday.  By 12 pm we had no walkup traffic, so we closed the office, changed our clothes, and I took care of a few tasks around the homestead.  Around 12:40 pm I noticed some people milling around the office, so sent TLE out to find out they needed.  It turned out they needed to rent one of our 4 seat RZR's for a two hour ride up to the Pinnacles, and back, so we quickly donned our work garb, and got them on their way.

To pass some of the two hours I decided to pull out my drone, which I have not flown since our time at LPG&RVR last summer.  It was almost always too windy to fly there, so I only flew it one time.  We've had a run of windless days recently so I decided it was time to refresh my flying skills.  Just as I launched it the wind came up....doh!  I had the video camera running, and the following 3+ minute video is basically me fighting to keep control of the drone, not crash into anything, and somehow land it.  That the video came out pretty well is a miracle, because I had very little control over it in the wind.....enjoy.....


......LOL......somehow I managed to finally land it, but it took quite a while with numerous close calls with trees, bushes, UTV's and the Newell.  I'll try again Friday, but earlier in the morning if we have no customers.

Our customers returned right on time just a few minutes after 3 pm.  We let our customers use our compressed air to blow off as much of the dust as they can before going home.....

.....after bidding adieu to our customers (from Canada by the way) I set about dumping our black water tank.  As you know, we normally park the Newell with the driver side near the utilities (electric, water and sewer), but in our present configuration we are parked with our passenger side facing the utilities, which are about 25' away, on the opposite of the 'lido deck'.  Fortunately, the Newell is equipped with dump valves on the passenger side, as well as the driver side, so I have to run the sewer hose over to the sewer connection every 9-10 days to do the deed......

There are 2 dump valves on the passenger for black, and a separate one for the gray water

.....when I finish I just tuck the sewer hose under the Newell to await its next deployment.  In the interim the green hose you see transports gray water around the 'lido deck' to the sewer connection.

After finishing that I headed over to to the hot springs, filled up one of the personal tubs, and then awaited the inevitable sunset.....

.....which was well worth the 30 minute wait while I soaked.  Is life ever good, or what?  I was home before 5 pm.

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