Sunday, December 25, 2022

Not sorry.....

 5:28 am - Christmas - December 25th - Glamis North Hot Springs, CA - 55° F, humidity 56%, wind 4 mph out of the west by northwest......still dark, so I have no idea if it is clear, or cloudy, but the forecast indicates it will be a crystal clear, blue, sunny day with a high of 75° F.  I'm right on the edge of feeling guilty when I realize that most of the country is in the 'deep freeze', and thousands are stuck at airports trying to get home for Christmas, while dealing with thousands of cancelled flights.  Like I said, I'm on the edge of feeling guilty enjoying balmy 70+ degree days, and night time lows in the mid 50's, but I don't really think I'll get there....'there' meaning I will feel guilty, and I'm not!  I have the blessing of choosing where to spend my winters, and summers, and the weather we have right now is why we are spending the winter here at Glamis North Hot Springs.

Oh, by the way, we're up so early because we will be driving into the Pomona Valley to spend Christmas day with family and friends, and we will be leaving to make the drive around 7 am.  We'll be back at GNHS sometime Monday, and I will write about our Christmas experience then.

On this date in 2018 we flew back to SoCal from Nashville and were spending Christmas with our kids at the home of our son, Chris, which is where we will be in a few hours from now......↴

We only had 5 bookings for Christmas Eve.....4 RZRs, and 1 KRX....basically to the same group we had on Friday.  After two rescues for broken drive belts on Friday we were both a little gun shy about Saturday, however, as it turned out Saturday was the complete opposite of Friday....not one peep from any of our customers, and they all returned on time with no damage whatsoever.

In between the morning, and when they returned in the afternoon I kept busy washing one left over KRX from Friday, plus TLE and I had to drive the 5 UTV's which we had rented down to the fuel station at 7 am to get them ready for departure at 8 am for all day excursions.  I actually got to sit down at 12 pm for lunch, and even took a nap.  Just before the rentals began to return I captured a picture of the Chocolate Mountains being lit up by the late afternoon sun.....

.....I was able to get the 4 RZRs and 1 KRX washed and fueled up by 5:30 pm, once again finishing the last one in the dark, and was inside the Newell relaxing by 5:45 pm.  After a shower, and dinner TLE and I sat down to watch one of our favorite Christmas movies, Christmas in Connnecticut starring Barbara Stanwyck, Dennis Morgan and Sydney Greenstreet made in 1945, right at the end of WW2.  We were in bed before 10 pm in anticipation of our early day today.

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