Monday, December 12, 2022


 7:42 am - Monday - December 12th - GNHS -45° F, 63% humidity, wind 4 mph out of the southeast....heavy cloud cover today with a forecast high of 59° F.  On this date in 2021 TLE and I were watching the sun rise over the Anza Borrego Desert at our boondock site......↴

...we took quite a few sunrise pictures last year as the orange glow coming from the eastern sky would light up our bedroom window which was facing east, and wake us up.....I would manage to get outside just as the sun was cresting the eastern horizon....this picture was taken at 6:45 am just as the picture below was this morning......

Just after midnight Sunday morning the wind coming out of the southeast freshened into the mid teens, and was still blowing in the mid teens when we awoke later Sunday morning.  Even though it was forecast to be in the mid 60's Sunday the wind chill from that southeast wind made the 'lido deck' rather inhospitable, so we pretty much remained inside all day Sunday.  Near the end of the daylight portion of Sunday the wind began to abate, but then we got rain.....unexpected rain.  It just does not rain during the winter here, but this is the second time we have gotten rain.  The gentle rain continued for about an hour, so there was no evening fire, or games enjoyed on the 'lido deck' that evening.

Since the cold southeast wind pretty much confined us to indoor activities Sunday I spent a good deal of time catching up on a number of YouTube channels I follow (Ship Happens, Diesel Creek, Gone with the Wynns, Andrew Camarata, CT, Hammiltonville Farms, Salvage Workshop, This Week with Cars, Squatch253, Watch Wes Work, Pacific Northwest Hillbilly, Budget Buildz, etc....the list is really quite long).  The time melted away, and before we knew it the sun was once again sliding over the mountains to the west signaling the end to another GNHS day.

TLE and I are really enjoying our time here at GNHS.  In our present site it is almost like we are boondocking 90% of the time, but with the benefit of city water, sewer and electric.  We are mostly left alone to our own devices.....even on days when we work.  

It's interesting how our nomadic life has evolved over the almost 11 years we have been on the road.  In our first year (beginning 2/1/2012) we traveled from California to Texas, along the Gulf Coast to Florida, up through Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana to Michigan, then over to Spokane to visit my sister, then down to Oregon, and back to Kentucky through Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, and Indiana (worked at Amazon), then back down to Florida by December 28th....all of that in our first 11 months!  After ringing in the New Year in Florida (Cedar Key) we headed south to Key West, then north again through Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia to Washington D.C. From D.C. we traveled westward to Indiana to work at the Indy 500 for 16 days, then westward through Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana and into Alberta, Canada, then back into Montana to Glacier National Park, south to Utah for a wedding, then back to Montana, then west through Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and eventually back to SoCal in late November of 2013 where we spent 3 months working as camp hosts at Rancho Jurupa.  That was a lot of miles traveled in 22 months.

Since then we have traveled way fewer miles, and tried to spend more time in places of interest like 3.5 summers in Lake Tahoe (actually spent 6 months there the summer/fall of 2016), 4 months in Yellowstone, 4 months at the Grand Canyon, 4 months near Bar Harbor, Maine, 9 months at Ramona Oaks RV Park, 4 months in Wittman, AZ, 1 year at Seal Rocks RV Cove, 6 months at Likely Place Golf and RV Resort, and now 5 months at GNHS.  We have worked 'Peak Season' at Amazon three times, volunteered two years years in a row in the Fall at Cape Blanco lighthouse.  We have settled into a sort of 'north/south' routine as we edge toward our mid 70's as we plan to return to LPG&RVR for another 6 months beginning in April.

The common theme running through our almost 11 nomadic years is living as much as possible in rural America, enjoying a slow paced life, making new friends, and spending as much time with each other as possible.  I think we have gotten better at the slower paced life as time as passed.  Life is good!

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