Friday, December 16, 2022

Shrinking daylight......

 7:23 am - Friday - December 16th - GNHS - 45° F, 50% humidity, wind 2 mph out of the north by northwest......cloudy today with a forecast high of 65° F.  On this date in 2011 we were celebrating our first Christmas season living full time in the Newell......↴

It's been a couple of weeks since our customer rolled RZR #2, and we are still awaiting parts to fix it.   I called COYNE down in El Centro to check on the parts and was advised NOTHING had come in  At any rate I had the one RZR we rented for a 2 hour tour on Monday which needed washing, and I had yet to wash #2 after its crash, so I washed and fueled them one at a time, and when I had finished with them I turned my attention to the COA Chevy van, which has not been washed in a long, long time..... is really big....I think it seats 8, or 9 people....maybe more.  Anyway, by the time I finished with the van (took almost an hour to scrub a few months of dirt and grime from its now shiny white exterior) it was approaching 12 pm, and we had no customers.  No customers was not a surprise as employees currently outnumber customers in the park....only one, or two mice are stirring.  At any rate, since there were no customers we closed the office for the day.

After lunch TLE and I took a long walk around the park, and I puttered around in the trailer during the afternoon.  Sunset is officially around 6:36 pm, but with the mountains on the western horizon it really sets here at GNHS around 4:25 pm now, and with sunrise at almost 6:40 am, the daylight portions of our days are getting shorter, and shorter as is their habit this time of year.

We have a busy weekend rental wise coming.  Friday we have two half day rentals (1 RZR and 1 KRX), Saturday one 6 hour rental, and 1 half day (2 RZRs), and Sunday we have two 6 hour rentals, and one 2 hour rental (3 KRX's).  Things are picking up!

On another note, this Saturday will mark the end of two full months since we arrived at GNHS, and we will have just 3+ months to go before we head back north to LPG&RVR.  Additionally, we just received our mini 2023 calendar.  For the past number of years we have been buying National Park themed calendars, but decided to change it up, and go with one featuring just lighthouses..... we've got that going for us!

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