Monday, December 19, 2022

One for the ages......

 8:00 am - Monday - December 19th - GNHS - 42° F, 38% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the southwest......crystal clear, chilly, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 64° F.  On this date in 2019 TLE and I were attending the Christmas party for Romona Oaks RV Resort employees at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants....El Michoacan in Ramona, CA......↴

The day we have been awaiting since the beginning of World Cup 2022 two weeks ago, the day of the final match, which would determine the new World Cup champion, was upon us.  France, the reigning World Cup champion from 2018, was pitted against Argentina, whose last World Cup final win was back in 1986.  At half time Argentia led 2-0, and continued to control the game late into the 2nd half.  It appeared they were on their way to a win until the 79th minute of play when France scored their first goal on a penalty kick, and then 93 seconds later scored a second goal to tie the match.  The match was tied 2-2 at full time, and then we went into two 15 minute extra time periods during which each team scored a goal in the second 15 minute extra time period, and remained tied 3-3 at the end of those two extra time periods.  Next up was 'Kicks from the Mark', or penalty kicks in which each team chooses 5 players to take one kick each.  In the end Argentina prevailed making 4 kicks to France's two.  It was a game for the ages, and for us the best soccer (aka: futbol) match we have ever about two teams being evenly matched!  The game was still in progress when our first customers arrived, so we paused the game, and did not get back to watch it for about an hour.

Sundays are not normally our busy day, but this Sunday was our busiest day in a few weeks with 4 six hour rentals going out (three KRXs and one RZR).  Of those four rentals, two were walkups.  It took TLE a while get all of the papework processed, but by 10:30 am they were all out of the park enjoying their 6 hour tours.

I still had the one RZR rental from Saturday to wash, and service so I took care of that, refueled it, and put it away before returning, with TLE, to watch the end of the World Cup, and what an ending it was!  Again, a game for the hyperboly intended.

Once we have customers out in the field we are on duty/on call for the balance of the time until they return.  The more UTVs we have out in the field at one time the greater the chance something will go wrong requiring a possible rescue, but the worst that happened this day was one flat tire, and the customer was able to change it himself.  The guy with the flat tire was the last to return at just after 4:30 pm.  As the sun was setting I pulled the flat tire off the back of the KRX and found a piece of wood sticking out of the tread, causing the flat tire.  It was not too big, and after pulling the wood out I was able to plug it in about 20 minutes.  By the time I finished, and put the last KRX to bed it was after 5 pm, and dark......that was a long, but about as uneventful a day for which we could hope.

We've now got three days off work, and  Monday we will be traveling to Poway, CA (near San Diego) for my annual, in person this time, cardiologist appointment on Tuesday morning.  We'll spend the night at a local hotel, and return home after the appointment Tuesday.  I will not be posting a blog post about Monday until we get home Tuesday afternoon.

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