Sunday, December 11, 2022

One door closes.....

 7:29 am - Sunday - December 11th - GNHS - 49° F, 59% humidity, wind 9 mph out of the southeast.....crystal clear, blue, breezy, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 67° F.  On this date in 2021 at almost the exact same time I was watching the sun rise over our Anza Borrego Desert boondock site......↴

As I mentioned toward the end of yesterday's post we had an advance booking for Saturday at 10 am for a 2 seat Kawasaki.  The customers, who were not residing in the park, arrived around 9:40 am to complete their paperwork, so they could depart on their 1/2 day rental by 10 am.  During the course of giving the boiler plate safety speech the guy asked how to get to the Imperial Sand Dunes (Glamis).  I replied that the dunes were 60 miles to the south, and there was no way to get there from here in a UTV.  Apparently they (the guy and girl) had made the reservation thinking we were next to, or right at Glamis, which we are not.  When they found out there were no sand dunes here they cancelled, and left.  Talk about doing absolutely no research on this

TLE and I were in the process of closing up the office for the day when another guy walked up (staying in one of the cabins here) to rent one of our 4 seat RZRs.  So, what do you know?  We had a rental Saturday after all.  They were on their way by 11:30 am, and we were now committed to remain open until 3:30 pm.  As the saying goes "One door closes, and another opens".

There were two more quarter final World Cup matches played Saturday, and the first one pitting Morocco and Portugal did not go to 'extra time' like both matches on Friday, but there was another major upset with Morocco advancing to the semi finals over Portugal 1-0.  Morocco is the first African team ever to make it to the semi finals.  In the second match England played France.  France is the reigning World Cup champion from 2018.  France scored first and lef 1-0 at half time, but England was given a penalty kick, which they converted early in the 2nd half to level the score.  France scored again, and once again England was awarded another penalty kick late in the 2nd half, but the kicker kicked it over the cross bar.  The game ended at 2-1 in favor of France.....who knows what might have happened if England had scored that 2nd penalty kick.....oh well!

Our 1/2 day rental returned around 3:15 pm, and by 3:30 pm we had put away the RZR to washed another day, and closed the office.  Since there are no bookings for Sunday our bosses have given us the day off, so we'll enjoy sleeping in Sunday morning.

I headed down to the hot spring pools around 3:45 pm, and soaked for a delicious 45 minutes before capturing another sunset picture, and heading for home.... the way I do not think I have mentioned that there is a quite rustic driving range about 2 miles from's just before you get back to Highway 111.  Someone laid it out along time ago.  There are several bags of old clubs, and a giant tub of range balls.  We stopped on the way back from Mecca the other day so I could hit a few.....

.....who would have thought?  Right?

We played Yahtzee on the 'lido deck' in which I won 5 of 6 games.....the dice rolled my way.....followed by an evening fire.......

We were listening to the 'Messiah' 

......Mr. Moon has begun to lose his round shape.  I caught this picture just as he was rising over the Chocolate Mountains around 7:30 pm......

....thanks for stopping by!

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