Friday, December 2, 2022


7:49 am - Friday - December 2nd - GNHS -  54° F, 71% humidity, wind 4 mph out of the northwest......cloudy today with a forecast high of 69° F.  On this date in 2016 we were dry camping at Quechan Casino near Los Algodones, Mexico where we had dental appointments scheduled for the next day.....↴

Thursday we reported for work at 9 am knowing full well that with a virtually empty RV park there would most likely be no walkup customers this day.  The week after Thanksgiving at most RV parks is like this......the park was completely full over Thanksgiving, and all those folks which took an extra long weekend are now back at their workaday lives, as well as recovering from self induced food comas.  I think I counted 5 RV's in the park, and they all had their own UTV's.  Nevertheless, I had enough stuff to do to keep me busy for about an hour, as did TLE, so we called the day around 10 am.....I don't think I've seen the park this empty since the day we arrived 6 weeks ago.

I had planned to take a soak in one of the hot tubs Thursday, but it was actually kind of cold (only got to 66° F), and a little breezy, so I spent time working on the VW sand rail instead.  I don't plan on buying it, but I at least want to see if I can break those pistons loose, and get it to turn over before I tow it back to the shop/storage yard.  Since the 4 cylinders in a VW air cooled engine lay flat, and are opposing, I needed to jack up one side of the sand rail so the ATF I was going to pour into each cylinder (cylinders 3 and 4 on the passenger side) would cover a major portion of each piston head.....

.....on Saturday I'll move the jack to the driver side and repeat the process of pouring in ATF to the cylinders on that side (# 1 and 2 cylinders).  After soaking for a few days on each side I'll try to bar it over once again.....I'm not hopeful, but slightly optimistic.  Either way, regardless of the result, TLE and I will tow it back to the storage yard.

I also moved the 'putting green' outside onto the 'lido deck' where there is more room, and I think I like it where it is at now.....

......I foresee some putting contests between TLE and I in the near future.

There were at least two naps taken by moi on Thursday, and there was an evening fire thrown in for good measure.  TLE didn't feel like playing games, so the fire was the highlight of our evening....

.....there is currently only one half day booking on Sunday for this current 4 day work cycle, and with the park almost empty as I write, that may be the high point of our rental program this weekend.

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