Saturday, December 17, 2022

Keeping track......

 6:56 am - Saturday - December 17th - GNHS - 40° F, humidity 54%, wind 5 mph out of the north by northeast......crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 59° F.  On this date in 2013 TLE and I were watching an amazing sunrise during our sojourn at Rancho Jurupa Regional Park in Riverside, CA.......↴

What began as two rentals Friday morphed into 3 (2 RZRs and 1 KRX), so it was a good day for COA, and a good day for TLE and I.  We both prefer to be busy, and three rentals in one day certainly kept us busy.  After our customers left on their 4 hour tour TLE drove into Brawley to get her two day checkup at All Valley Urgent Care.  While she was gone I busied myself around the homestead doing this and that, while keeping an eye on our customers via the tracking devices installed in each UTV......

.....the program shows the progress of each rental unit over the course of their rental.  It's really kind of cool to watch their progress.  Typically, if we see them stopped for more than an hour in one place we'll try to call them to find out if anything is amiss.  On this day no calls were necessary.  Our three customers were on a ride with friends who already have UTV's, so there were a total of six in the group, but we only track the ones with our trackers.  They returned without incident about 40 minutes early, but with big smiles upon their faces.  For some this was their first experience driving a UTV of any type.

After helping them blow some of the dust and dirt off their persons (you can't really get it all off.....a thorough washing is necessary to get rid of it all) I bid them adieu and began the task of cleaning the helmets and goggles.  We first blow all the dust off of them using our compressed air, then sanitize them with disinfectant spray.  Once that was done, and they were put away, I proceeded to begin washing each UTV.  I was in the middle of washing the second one when TLE arrived back home from her doctor visit, which went well, by the way.  She should be able to remove the stitches in 5 days.

After I finished washing the three UTVs TLE helped me drive them down to the fuel station at the shop/storage area.  All the UTVs were washed, fueled, and put away by 3 pm. It was very nice to be busy for a change Friday, and Saturday will be more of the of right now we have 2 UTV rentals 6 hour, and one 4 hour, and the UTV of choice for each is a RZR.  There are a quite a few people in the park this weekend, so there is also the chance of walk up business on Saturday and Sunday now that things are beginning to pick up here.

The evening temps have been warming the last couple of nights so TLE and I returned to the 'lido deck' to play a few games of Backgammon.  We played four games, three of which were decided on the final roll of the dice, and one a blowout.....TLE was on the winning side in all four games.....the dice were rolling her way the entire night.  Normally we play best of 5, but with TLE winning the first 4 games we saw no point in playing the was definitely not my evening, but I had a good time, nonetheless.

We watched another Hallmark Christmas movie entitled 'Ghosts of Christmas Always'.....a take off on Scrooge, but a totally different premise than you might imagine......I highly recommend this one!  If you happen to be a Hallmark Christmas enthusiast, let me know your favorite.

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