Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cedar Key - Day # 10 - Island Time

Normally I don't start on the latest blog entry until the morning after the day I am writing about, but I am watching the BCS National Championship Football game, and it is a total bust, with Notre Dame getting their heads handed to them....28 - 0 after one half.....yep, the BCS system really works.....anyway, I decided to do something creative with my nervous energy, so here goes.......

I like to think I set modest goals to achieve each day, and many days I do accomplish them, but when you are on "island time" sometimes a better offer comes along, and your "plans" get pushed to another day.  I had intended to go up on the "roof" today to adjust my radio antenna, and to pull out the shower fan again....it has that annoying vibration going again, and I just know I can get rid of it given enough time.

Just before I was going to get out our ladder I walked over to the dock by Chris and Cherie's site to check the tide level.  As I was passing by Chris' window he opened it and we talked.....I asked him what their plans were, and he said they were going to walk into town to the Post Office, and then the bank to get something notarized, then over to the Big Deck Raw Bar.......I suggested we join them, and there went my plans for the day.   There is always tomorrow, and when serendipity smiles you must respond.  I checked quickly with TLE, and, of course she immediately put her book down, changed clothes, and we were on our way walking into town.  They needed to be at the Post Office  before 12:30.

We walked along at a brisk pace talking about "cabbages and kings" and there we were in front of the Post Office 9 minutes before they closed for lunch.....yes, on Cedar Key the Post Office closes down for lunch from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm.  After that quick stop we were off to the "Big Deck" for lunch.  

Chris and Cherie

Conversation with Chris and Cherie is always easy, and relaxed with no pretense.   They are modern day trailblazers of a lifestyle that we are only beginning to appreciate, and embrace, so every minute we can spend with them talking about their nomadic experiences  is much appreciated.  This was our second time ordering a couple of "double stouts", so the waitress began to refer to TLE and I as the "double stouts".....:D  For my friend Tom.....we only had 1 pint each.......no refills.

After a great lunch, and conversation we walked along the waterfront taking pictures.....you'll see me way in the back ground fiddling with my phone camera, and trying to catch up at the same time....:D

Of course, we could not pass by Sandy's Produce on the way home without exchanging dollars for something fresh.....so more cilantro, beets, cheese, etc. were acquired for later consumption, and then we were off for "home" again.  According to Chris' pedometer we walked just under 5 miles, so good on us!

Chris came by our coach a while after we got home to let me know I had mail in the office, and suggested we have a community fire later, and, of course, I said "yes!"......who does't like a campfire?

By Cedar Key standards a modest unset, but beautiful, nevertheless.....

Chris and Cherie put out the word on the Facebook NuRVers Cedar Key Meetup site, and low and behold 17 people appear out of the gathering darkness to share the fire, including Beth and Lee who just moved their 5th wheel into the site 2 spots over from Chris and Cherie.  They said they could either just sit in their RV being bugged by all the fun we seemed to be having, or join us......I'm glad they joined us.  This is a charismatic group, and its gravitational pull cannot be resisted.  Looking forward to getting to know Lee and Beth.....especially since they also just recently came into possession of a Sea Eagle inflatable!

We came to Cedar Key after Amazon.com for exactly what is happening here......spending time with an amazing, eclectic, bright group of people.....and regenerating our spirits after a hard 3 months in Campbellsville.....and that is exactly what is happening.  Life is good!

Thanks for stopping by!

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