Friday, January 18, 2013

Cedar Key - Day # 21 - "Gone With The Wind"

For most of the past 3 weeks the night time temperature in our bedroom at night has ranged from 78-80 degrees.  I know that may seem a little high to you, and we could probably get it lower by opening the windows at night, but we would also be increasing the relative humidity inside our coach.  We run a de-humidifier 24 hours a day inside the coach, it works wonderfully, and makes even 80 degrees inside feel cooler.  Anyway, my point is last night the bedroom temperature dropped to 58 degrees!  I knew we took that electric blanket off the bed too soon!

We were expecting a front to come through Thursday involving wind, low temps, and rain.....and that is exactly what we got.  Below is the view that greeted me around 7 am.....then the wind came up and blew steadily at 25-30 mph all day long, and into the evening.  Around mid day it got very cold, and is still very cold as I write....around 40 degrees at this writing.  Of course, that means it was probably in the high 30's last night.....BRRRR!!

As the wind speed increased we began pulling in the window awnings on the drivers side of the coach.....the side that faces the water.....and finally by late morning we had to stow the patio awning....always a really fun task when the wind is blowing hard.  Fortunately, as TLE and I were struggling to stow the large awning Forrest Clark (a NuRVer) walked by and immediately jumped in to give a hand, for which we are very thankful....when it's blowing that hard you need more than two sets of hands.  Thank you Forrest!  Forrest writes a blog about his retirement travels called Retired, RVing and Rambling, which presents another great perspective on this lifestyle, so give it a peek when you have time!

The only plan this weather interrupted was the "circuit training" with Brian and Maria, otherwise we had no real plans for yesterday, so we just hunkered down and stayed inside our rockin' and rollin' coach.  Fortunately the DVR memory had several TV shows recorded that we hadn't watched yet, so we passed some of the stormy day catching up on a few series we watch.

We knew that our friends Dan, Marlene and family (Mali Mish) would be pulling out around midday and eventually that time came.......time to say "adieu"....I'm getting more used to it, because I know we'll meet again, but it is sill bittersweet.  I was able to catch this brief video snippet of them disappearing around the corner.....:(  The background audio you hear is from the program "Top Chef", which TLE was watching at the time.

Around 5:30 I glanced out the window to see the beginning of the sunset, and ran over to Chris and Cherie's dock to capture it......I stayed just long enough for two shots and then retreated to the heated comfort of the Newell.  That water does not look inviting....not even a little bit!

Within minutes the sunset was obscured by the thick cloud bank off to the left, and Sunset Isle was quickly engulfed in the gathering darkness signaling the end of another Cedar Key day.

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  1. We looked at Newells at the Tampa RV show and just loved them. Unfortunately, can't afford one at the moment! The weather certainly has changed drastically down here, hasn't it?

  2. Jeannie and Eldy....HI! The older Newells like ours (1982) are very affordable, and as a result of the excellent craftsmanship employed during their construction are still as solid as a rock 30 years later. I saw this 1982 in Clearwater, FL for $39,000


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