Friday, January 4, 2013

Cedar Key - Day # 6 - Let it rain!

When we made the decision to work at our goal was to earn $8,000....enough to cover a couple of years of diesel fuel purchases for the Newell, service the Newell at Choo Choo, and a few other purchases such a the Sea Eagle, TLE's new I-Phone, the Euro recliner, and the unexpected repair of the T-Bird alternator.  Here are our final earnings numbers for the 74 days we were in Campbellsville, KY:

  • Gross Pay          $9,822.90 (combined)
  • Net after taxes  $8,284.76 (combined)

Since TLE and I had identical paychecks each and every pay period I have combined the numbers to keep it simple.  So, we achieved our goal with a few dollars to spare.  Had we been given all the straight hours, and overtime hours we had been promised we would have netted closer to $10,000.  In the over all scheme of things we worked just enough, and I really do not feel badly that we did not get all the hours promised.  

So far here is what we have spent some of our earnings on:

  1. $600 repair on T-Bird (unexpected)
  2. $200 for Euro recliner
  3. $299 for Sea Eagle kayak
  4. $301 for I-Phone 5
  5. $200 for fuel
  6. $422 for service at Choo Choo (budgeted $1,500)
Total expenditures so far come to $2,022.

Included in our final gross pay was a combined bonus of $822 for completing our contract, meaning combined we worked 822 hours (411 each) to earn that bonus.

Tomorrow will mark 2 weeks since we worked our last shift at Amazon, but it seems much longer than that.  It's amazing what a change in scenery, and a few days at Cedar Key can do for your mental health......:D

Thursday lived up to the weather forecast of rain, and it pretty much rained, and drizzled all day.   It was a great day for a chore I have been saving for just such a day......scanning documents, filing documents, and shredding documents.  Yes, we do carry a shredder with us.  There are some documents we do hold on to, but most are scanned and then shredded to "protect the innocent".  I have a temporary "filing cabinet" in the ottoman for the Euro recliner....the footrest lifts up and there is a perfect compartment for storing paperwork until it is convenient to "process it".

Early afternoon the propane guy arrived, and apparently there were a lot of people here waiting on him.  Our friends, Bill and Debby, had just hit "E" on their propane level monitor.  I was expecting to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $2.50 to $3.50 per gallon, but was surprised when the operator told me it was $4.50 per gallon.  Wait, what?! That is by far the most I have ever paid for propane.......not just on this journey, but EVER! I was expecting to take on at least 40 gallons, or more.......that would be close to $200......ouch!  I decided quickly to only buy 20 gallons and stopped the bleeding at $90.....if we use 10 the remaining 3 weeks here I will be surprised.  We'll look for a better deal when we get back on the road.

We pretty much stayed inside all day enjoying the dry, warm comfort of our coach.  Hoping Friday will be a little more conducive to outdoor activity, and so far as I write it looks very promising.....I can see sun light and blue sky!

Later today our Nomadic NuRVer group is hosting a "salsa off", and TLE has been busy the past week assembling the ingredients for her salsa entry.   We will make a run into the farmers market shortly to get one, or two final ingredients.  The aromas inside the Newell today will be amazing.

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  1. Hey Clark all the Flying J's in Fl have propane for 2.99 gal...

  2. Yeah, I know.....but we were lazy and decided to roll the dice when we got here to Cedar Key....won't do that again. When we leave Cedar Key next month one of our first stops will be Flying J.


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