Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cedar Key - Day # 5 - The Marine Layer

Wednesday started off  with sunny, mostly clear skies, but within an hour we had an on shore breeze come up......then the fog began to roll in.  This (see below) is pretty much what it looked like the rest of the day.  I know it looks cold, but it really wasn't.  Of course, it was more humid than past days, but we both spent the day in t-shirts and shorts.

I had some insurance work to take care of, which I wrapped up around 11 am, at which time we took our daily walk into town with our destination being Kona Joe's Island Cafe renowned for their gourmet Kona Coffee,  "scrumptious sandwiches......and Cedar Key Lime Pie..."  They occupy the old Key Motel built back in the 1930's.  They have limited inside dining, but have a large covered veranda over looking the water with plenty of seating, which is always our preference!  They open at 6am (closed Monday and Tuesdays) each day serving breakfast and lunch.  We each had an egg omelette sandwich with bacon, and, according to TLE who added a side of grits, they are amazing.  Joe runs the front of house, and Edie prepares the food.  Joe also bottles and sells his own hot sauce......called "Gourmet Datil Pepper Sauce".....we bought a bottle after sampling it on our egg sandwiches.  Joe says they sell several cases a week of the sauce, and I can understand why.  Both Tripadvisor and Yelp give Kona Joe's 4.5 out of 5 stars, and I think that is exactly right.

While we were sitting there enjoying the "quiet", and it is ever so quiet, we spied an osprey sitting on a post overlooking the water.  At the time we were there the tide was way, way out and what you see in the fore and background is mostly mud flats with a small water channel running just under the osprey.

As we were getting ready to walk back to Sunset Isle we ran into Linda, the lady I had shared the amazing sunset with a few days ago at the Tiki Bar dock.  She is a college professor down from New Jersey for the  5 week semester break.  She says she came with the intent of catching up on her work, but hasn't done a thing except enjoy the ambiance of this island town.  She is captivated by the vibe of this place,  just as most people are who come to Cedar Key.  

We got back to Sunset Isle around 2 pm, and I did a little more work, then TLE and I got on the Verizon Wireless website and finally ordered her new I-Phone 5 that she has been wanting since her last two year contract expired while we were at Amazon.  Since her current data plan was not compatible with her new phone we had to change to a combined data plan, which in the end will save us about $25/month....who would have thought?  We previously each had our own separate data plans.  The new phone should be here in Cedar Key by Friday.

Also, I forget to mention in yesterday's blog entry that we ordered a two person Sea Eagle inflatable kayak, which should also arrive here Friday.  Several people whose blogs we follow own Sea Eagles and swear by them.  We just do not have room for a large kayak, so the inflatable option really appeals to us storage space wise.  Anyway, look for some pictures in my post for Friday of us on the water in our new kayak!  We ordered the SE 330 Pro Kayak package for $299 shipped.  The same package after January 1st now costs $319 shipped.

Well, today, Thursday,  is the day the propane man comes.....there are several of us here who are under 1/4 tank, and are getting a little antsy about it.  Thankfully it is warmer and the water heater is not running as much. It (the water heater) is our main source of propane consumption in the coach......when we are plugged in the fridge runs off electric, and TLE uses the induction burner to cook most of the time.  The last time we filled up was in Sand Springs, OK near the end of September.  Considering how cold it got in Campbellsville, and how often I had to supplement our interior heating with the gas furnaces I am pretty pleased we got this many months out of our last fill up.

Around 5 pm we set up the outdoor fireplace, opened up the folding love seat, uncorked a bottle of wine and just sat outside enjoying the encroachment of night, talking with friends as they stopped by to chat.  Another nice island day.

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