Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cedar Key - Day # 22 - Zulu Hour 1200

Friday, Zulu hour 1200......clear skies, strong breeze, 40 degrees.  The beginning of a very different Cedar Key day.  Not a day of onshore, balmy breezes gently moving ripples across the water, but a day of goose bump inducing, blustery winds out of the northeast.

This is exactly what I love about Cedar Key this time of year.....the weather is written in Jello.....just like our plans....there is no set pattern you can depend upon....each day is what it is, and you set your plans for that day as it arrives.

I spent some time mid morning putting the patio awning back out, and redeploying the awning lights, then put my small Honda generator on a dolly and took it over to the trailer.  Where the trailer is parked right now there is no power source, and every time I have been over there working I have wished I could turn on the XM radio, and lights while I'm working on bikes, or whatever.  I had forgotten about the Honda genset until yesterday.  I had to change out a flat rear tire on my bike (picked up a thorn, and a slow leak on our Lower Suwannee ride a week, or so ago), so I put some gas in the tank and pulled the cord to start it......first pull every roared quietly to life, and I had power!

I spent about an hour doodling around the trailer, fixed the flat, put some things away, and then headed back to the coach just before Zulu hour 1700.  TLE wanted to walk into town and check to see if the Deja Vu Consignment store had any buttons, so we changed our clothes and began our walk into town.  The aforementioned blustery wind was still going strong and just pushed us south along State Road 24 into town.  I'm glad I had a flannel shirt on as it was cold!

Apparently Deja Vu did have a bottle full of buttons, but someone had recently purchased the whole jar.....bummer!  By this time it was well after 1 pm and I had a hankering for a Ruben sandwich.....I had heard that Ken's Cedar Keyside Dinner had a good one, and we had not yet eaten there, so we headed on over.  They are only open until 2pm (breakfast and lunch only) so we got there about 20 minutes before closing.  

One of my reasons for wanting to eat at Ken's was they have al fresco dining, but this day the breeze was just too cold, and I knew there was no way TLE would consent, and besides, the owners were not serving on the deck due to the cold breeze....:D  Both TLE and I ordered a Ruben with sweet potato fries.......hmmm, hmmm good!  TLE is a Ruben aficionado supreme, and pronounced that these Ruben's were very good....not the best she has had, but very good.  She loved the sweet potato fries.....and so did moi!

The smile says it all

On our walk back......and this is why we love walking to and from town....we ran into Karen and Krash walking Pipa and talked for about 20 minutes about the storm, our sick 'Birdie, etc.  We agreed to try and get together Saturday and parted ways.  Of course, we could not pass Sandy's Produce without buying some limes....we were down to our last one.

Originally Brian and Maria (The Roaming Pint) were sponsoring a craft beer tasting party over at Low Key Hideaway, but the persistent cold wind resulted in a rescheduling for Saturday.  This will also coincide with a Pot Luck dinner at Low Key Hideaway, and Brian and Maria's last night at Cedar Key....they are moving on down the road Sunday, and I am already beginning to miss them....:(

The large cloud bank to the southwest kind of blocked most of the sunset, but I was able to capture this shot......another lovely Cedar Key day lived well.

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  1. Hi. I found you guys through MaliMish. I have been following their journey across the USA for the past month or so because my wife and I are dreamers to one day be able to hit the road with our family.

    I was asking them about Workcamping, and Marlene told me that you guys did some workcamping. I read your blog post back from 2011 called "Workcamping", and I was wondering if you could tell me a little more about it and how your experience was. If my wife and I ever do get a chance to hit the road, I think that we may have to start doing some of this, and I just wanted to chat with someone who has firsthand experience doing this.

    Thanks, Lane AKA TheFunnyrats

    1. Hey Lane, thanks for stopping by. Yep, our first workamp job was at Rancho Jurupa Regional Park. They had 6 park model cabins that we were responsible for cleaning after they were rented each weekend. In exchange for our fullhookup site (included 50 amp service and cable TV) we spent less than 10 hours combined per week cleaning the cabins. We were there for a year. My wife had not yet retired, so we had to stay put. Our second time workamping was at this past fall from October 8th until December 21st. This was our first time being paid. Combined we netted $8,000, plus our RV site was paid for in full. Here is a site with a lot more info:

      My e-mail is Send me a message and I'll give you my phone number in case you like to talk more in depth.


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