Friday, January 25, 2013

Cedar Key - Day # 28 - Standin, Walkin & Talkin

Some days it's difficult to come up with a catchy title that captures the mood, and character of a given day.....especially when there have been so many special days here in Cedar Key.  One of the things we both cherish about our time here in Cedar Key are the numerous new relationships and friendships that are developing.  Developing relationships and/or  friendships involves getting to know one another, and that involves a lot of talking....sometimes standing in one place, sometimes walking.  Thursday was a day for conversations.  There is something almost mystical about Sunset Isle RV Park and Motel that brings people of varying backgrounds, geography, interests, philosophies, and values together in a way that is simple in its nature, but complex in its composition.  I struggle for adequate words to convey what happens when you spend time here.  Many say this is the friendliest RV Park they have ever visited....and these are people who travel thousands of miles a year all over this amazing country. There is this aura of mutual respect and acceptance that is rarefied, and precious.  That may be why it is painful to think about leaving.

Good examples of the foregoing:  I walked over to Forrest Clark's class A motorhome to pick up his Gary Fisher mountain bike to tune it up......I stood there talking to Forrest and Mary for the better part of an hour, almost forgetting the reason for my visit.  Then while I was tuning the bike Cindy and Danny, out walking their Jack Russells, stopped to talk.....and there went another 30 minutes of pleasant conversation.  As I was delivering Forrest's bike to him, Forest and Cindy Olivier drove up and joined the conversation.  During that time we decided to walk into town with Forest and Cindy for a latish lunch......more walkin and talkin. We talked all the way into Big Deck Raw Bar, and continued while we ate.....suddenly Karen and Krash appear on the sidewalk and we invite them to sit at our table......much, much more conversation.  Before we left on our walk into town I struck up a conversation with a new couple, Jim and Charlotte, who moved into the site next to ours.....they were getting ready for a bike ride, and, of course we talked about bikes.....20 minutes of breaking the ice.  

Of course the walk home from Big Deck involved more conversation.....we stopped at Sandy's Produce to buy cheese.....Forest and Cindy needed some vegetables, and ran into Debby and Bill.  That evening NuRVers was sponsoring an Asian Buffet.......much, much more fun, interesting conversation as we ate great food, and watched another magical sunset that kept evolving for the better part of an hour.  Thank you Chris, Cherie, Kyeli, Pace, Forrest and Mary for your parts in making last night another special evening of conversation and memory making.

As I have remarked often in this blog "at the end of the day" it is the people we have met along the way that will occupy our hearts, and memories for years to come.....sure the places are interesting, captivating, and amazing, but it is this place which provides the wonderful tableau for building these friendships.

Thank you for stopping by!

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