Monday, January 7, 2013

Cedar Key - Day # 9 - What day is this?

We awoke to a partly cloudy day.....the forecast indicated 60% chance of rain for a day called "Sunday".  the "Day Clock" on our wall indicted it was Sunday,  but it still felt like Saturday to me.  I thought about checking the battery on the Day Clock, but in my heart I knew it was right.  All that really means is more NFL, right?  I'm starting to really get into EST.....back home in Riverside the first NFL game would be at 10 am, but here in EST the first game is at 1 pm.....that gives me a half day to do other stuff before I start watching football......the second game always starts right near sundown, so I have most the daylight portion of the day to accomplish other things.  All I'm really saying is living in EST allows me to have my cake, and eat it too.....after 63's about time.....:D  

I don't recall that I have ever talked about numbers on my many "page views" per day, per month, etc.  It's not really that kind of blog.  It started as a way for me to keep a sort of diary for myself, and for my family (kids, siblings, Mom) to share our journey vicariously.  It has never been about numbers, or dollars.  I used to get excited if I saw that 20 people had looked at my blog on a given day.  Then we came to Cedar Key the first time back in March of 2012, and we had a hundred page views in one day.  These extra views came as a result of our meeting the NuRVers here, and they all wanted to learn a little bit about us, plus they referred a few others to our site.  After a few days the page views settled back down to 30, or 40 a day.  Gradually over the months I started averaging 60-70....a number that was directly correlated to how often I blogged.  If we were sitting still I usually didn't blog, so numbers would drop, of course.  After we left my sister's home in Spokane I was determined to blog on a more regular basis, and to look for something every day that others might find interesting, no matter how mundane it might seem to me.  I went from 8 blog entries in June (we sat still for 5 weeks) to 21 in July, 27 in August, and then my first 30 blog entry month in September where I blogged every single day for the first time, and since then I have not missed a day.  I write all that to say this......after I started blogging every day I started averaging over 100 page views a day.....a few times just under 190 in a single day.....for me that is amazing.....that almost 200 people not related to me are interested in what I write makes me smile.  I don't have to tell you, but these are not noteworthy numbers in the world of blogging where some get in excess of a million page views a day, but for me it is satisfying.  

After my blog entry the day following our "salsa off" Chris and Cherie (NuRVers and Technomadia) called attention to my blog entry for that day on their Facebook page, and suddenly we had almost 400 page views in one day, followed by similar numbers the next day.  For me that is daily goal is still just to write something interesting on some level.......that almost 400 people other than those related to me read my blog each of the last two days feels really good.  

Now back to Sunday.....I spent a good deal of the morning compiling a pictorial review of our first 11 months on the road.  The title of that entry was (numerically) 12,445.....the number of miles we had covered in 11 months.....that is a lot of driving considering we sat still 5 weeks in Spokane, 2 weeks on Whidbey Island, 2 weeks near Seaside, OR, and then 11 weeks in Campbellsville.  What is interesting to me is that our typical driving day after we covered over 600 miles in one day driving from Mesa, AZ to Midland, TX has been under 200 miles....sometimes under 100.  Anyway, it was a nice trip down memory lane for me......I only got up to the end of July, so I'll have to finish that later today.

Just before TLE and I set out to do some local shopping.......a moment of serendipity hit again when we got a message on the NuRVers Cedar Key Meetup site on Facebook that one of our members was making a run to the Trader Joe's in Gainsville, and offered to pick up some things for those who were interested.....thank you Kyeli!  We ordered a couple of bottles of Trader Joe's Zinfandel ($5.99 per), 2 bottles of Blue Fin Pinot Noir ($3.99 per), and a bottle of Himalayan Pink Salt, all which were in stock.  Since some of our more exotic needs were being picked up for us, we just ran over to the Dollar General store to pick up some Santitas tortilla chips, and other sundries, then over to Sandy's Produce in town for some cilantro, orange, tomatoes, red onions, and a pound and a half of Mahi Mahi to grill that night.

Around the time it began to rain Kyeli returned from Gainsville with our TJ's order, then we set about making dinner, with me grilling the Mahi Mahi while it thankful for a patio awning.....a little Frank Sinatra playing in the background, the aroma of fresh marinated Mahi Mahi being grilled, and a sip here and there of Pinot Noir..........mmmmm!

Grilled Mahi Mahi with avocado/corn salad and Blue Fin Pinot!

After dinner I watched a very exciting Redskin vs. Seahawk game followed by us watching three of our favorite shows sans commercials, which had been recorded earlier last week......Elementary, Person of Interest and CSI New York accompanied by the sound of rain on the roof......then it was off to slumberland around 10:30 pm.....early for us.  What a nice uneventful day with just a touch of serendipity.  Monday is supposed to be sunny in the afternoon, followed by the same the rest of the week.

Thanks for stopping by!

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