Saturday, January 5, 2013

Cedar Key - Day # 7 - What is it about this lifestyle?

What is the allure of this lifestyle I call fulltiming, which, apparently, is not really a word according to my spell check?  Well, it must be real, because I am living it!  I call it fulltiming, others call it vagabonding, while still others call it matter what you call is not is hard to even describe as there are not adequate verbs and adjectives in the English language to properly describe what "we" are all about.  When I say "we" I am talking about those of us who have eschewed the norms of society....have forsaken being tied to "real" property.....a piece of real in a fixed location.  We have chosen to live in homes with wheels.  We are able to change our view without going through escrow.  We have no long term plans written down on paper, or even committed to memory.  We like the term "plans written in Jello".  We may talk about being in Maine come April, but may find ourselves in Lawrence, Kansas instead.  We thrive on does not scare, it inspires us.

Some of the entrants....that's TLE's on the lower right

Moi leading off the judging

Friday night our "nomadic convergence" group, as Chris and Cherie, would refer to our gathering, converged for a "salsa off" at their water front site.....there were 9 salsa entries.  Frankly, to me, all 9 were award winners in their own right.  First we each tasted all 9 entries, then wrote down our opinions about them as to the accuracy of the maker's spiciness rating (scale of 1-10).  Then we voted on which was "Best Roasted",  "Best Fresh", and "Best None Salsa". There was a  pitcher of margaritas, craft beer, straight tequila, and wine flowing throughout the evening as we gathered around a roaring fire.  Here was a collection of 20+ people from all sorts of varied backgrounds, lifestyles, belief systems, ranging in age from 30 to 63+, and yet we all have a few important characteristics in common......1) We are all young at heart regardless of our calendar age, 2) We all love to change our "view" on a regular basis, and 3) We love to be with like minded people.  When we come together there is this immediate if we have known one another for years.  There is an amazing sense of community.

We are not missionaries moving about the country trying to proselytize, or convert others to our lifestyle.  Of course, if asked, we are more than happy to "bear witness" about our lifestyle in general terms.  Yes, we are excited and enthusiastic about how we live and love to share it with others, but we have this internal struggle going on.......if too many people are converted, then it will get a lot more crowded "out here", but as Mt. 22:14 says:  "Many are called (invited), but few are chosen", or, in other words, choose to accept the invitation.

Chris getting a head start 

Okay, now I'll step down off my soapbox and relate a little of what our Friday looked like prior to the "salsa off".....based on weather forecasts (also, apparently written in Jello) we were expecting heavy overcast, and possibly rain Friday, but it turned out to be partly cloudy and warmed up into the 60's.  TLE and I took the 'Bird into town to buy some produce at Sandy's Produce.....some serrano and jalapeno peppers, cilantro, cheese, etc. then dropped by Kona Joe's for another cup of their Kona Coffee.  From there we drove east on State Road 24 to the Dollar General Store just to see what kind of selection they had, and found they carry our favorite tortilla chips by Santitas.  I was tempted to drop the top, but the temp at the time was around 55, and I knew TLE would not consent....:D

I spent some time after returning "home" vacuuming out the ' has been a long time since I did that......probably not since late October in Campbellsville.  Later Chris (Tales from Technomadia), Todd (NuRVers) and I got together to compare notes on LED lights.  Todd's coach is a late model and it appears he can easily replace his halogen bulbs with LED equivalent bulbs, and his fluorescent fixtures with matching LED fixtures.  

Eventually I got a call (thank you Cherie!) that our FedEX deliveries had arrived at the office (Sea Eagle kayak, and TLE's I-Phone 5).....too late in the day to open up the large box, and play with the Sea Eagle, but you know that's what I'll be doing Saturday!  Of course TLE will have her hands full activating her I-Phone 5 and getting it set up.

Around 4 we began to get the area next to Chris and Cherie's GM bus set up for the salsa off.  TLE and I moved our outdoor fireplace over, and some chairs.  Cherie and I picked up a wheelbarrow of wood, and Todd also brought one over.  A wheelbarrow of wood here costs $10, and it is a lot of wood....very good deal.  At most RV Parks you might get an arm full of wood for that price.

Another wonderful sunset

The fire began to die down around 11 pm, and those of us diehards still around the fire began to drift home.  It was another great laid back evening in Cedar Key spent with good friends.  Were we really at just two weeks ago pushing carts and picking?  Seems like a lifetime ago now. 

Thank you, as always, for stopping by!

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