Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cedar Key - Day # 19 - Sick Birdie

My Tuesday started at 8 am with another 'Circuit Training' session with our friends Maria and Brian (The Roaming Pint)  I'm doing this workout with them every Tuesday and Thursday.  It takes about an hour, and then I have the rest of the day to continue soaking up the Cedar Key vibe.

Our first date, March 2006, San Antonio, TX

Our Thunderbird is "sick" again.......on our way into Chiefland the other day the engine started missing, then smoothed out, then as we were leaving Walmart it started again, and didn't stop, and eventually the 'CHECK ENGINE' light came on......shoot!  It came and went on the way home, but it was apparent to me there was an ongoing problem, so we decided to take her into the Ford dealership in Chiefland on Tuesday to get it checked out.   We have been together for almost 7 years now, and I think we're beginning to get the "7 year itch".

Ever since the alternator incident on our way back from Louisville to Campbellsville a few months ago TLE and I have been talking about making  a change in our transportation to something more practical for our lifestyle.  The 'Bird is only a 2 seater, and we have no way of carrying our bikes in, or on it.  Chris and Cherie have a Mini Cooper which they tow behind their GM bus when they are rolling the wheels.  They graciously offered to let us take a test drive to see if we like it, so this was the perfect opportunity to combine a test drive while we dropped off our 'Bird at the Ford doctor in Chiefland.

Chris and Cherie's Mini Cooper

I drove the Mini Cooper into town, whilst TLE drove the T'Bird.  TLE drove most of the way back.  The Mini Cooper has seating for 4, and we can add a small receiver hitch to which a bike rack can be mounted.  I found it very comfortable, and it was fun to drive a manual tranny again.....this one has a 6 speed.  It will still give us the sporty feel, but be much more practical.  We haven't decided 100% yet, but we are seriously considering making a change sometime this year.

Tim McClain greeted us at the service desk, took down our information, and we bid goodbye to our baby for a few days.  Tim thinks it may be a bad coil, and that would not surprise me as we had this issue about 3 years ago.  I hope he is right, because that is not a big bill.

We returned to find our "blog friends" Dan and Marlene (read their story at Mali Mish) had arrived, and were in the pull through site right next to us!  We are all from Southern California......they lived in Oxnard for a number of years, and of course, we in Ontario.  Despite our relatively close proximity to each other we have never been able to synchronize our timing to actually meet face to face, so this was a treat!  They have three children aged 6 years , 3 years, and 9 months.  They are currently about 165 days into their current long trip.  Mali Mish is Croatian for "little mouse".  We spent time catching up with them....they had just finished a 28 day stretch in the Florida Keys, and I was interested in how they cobbled together reservations at State Parks in the Keys by pouncing on cancellations as they came up in Reserve America.  Usually you have to make reservations a year in advance for these parks, but they only started to acquire theirs about a month before they arrived, and were still picking them up while they were in the Keys.

Back row: Dan, Luka and Marlene
Front row: Ava and Mila

Additionally, our friends, Krash and Karen, whom you will remember from our visit to my sister's home in Chelsea, MI, arrived in Cedar Key by SUV to spend a couple of months in a rental home.  You can read about our meeting here: Serendipity

They found our blog because we had been to Cedar Key last March, and this was a favorite place of theirs to escape the cold winter in Michigan each year.  We met up with Krash and Karen at the Tiki Bar for a quick drink, and to watch the first part of the sunset, then headed off walking into town to meet Dan, Marlene, and the kids at 'Big Deck' for dinner.  

On our walk into town TLE took this great sunset picture......

Much to our surprise just as we arrived at Big Deck we saw Chris and Cherie arriving with their parents who will be spending some time here in Cedar Key......another Cedar Key convergence!  Soon after Dan, Marlene and family arrived.  We talked, and talked about our shared experiences.  Here we have a family that is in a totally different phase of their lives.....a generation removed, if you will, and yet there is this unmistakable connection.  Sure, their experience will look different than ours as they travel with three small children, but we are all out on the road for the same reasons.

After a very pleasant meal, eaten very slowly, TLE and I started our 1.50 mile walk home....I'm sure we could have hitched a ride, but you know, there is nothing like an evening stroll in Cedar Key with a 'fingernail moon' to light our path.  We arrived home with big smiles on our faces, and an inner satisfaction derived from another day lived well.

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  1. I have seen the Airstream " Mali Mish " here in Bellflower California last summer. They were pulling with a light duty Chevy van so it caught my attention. It sure is a small world :)


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