Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cedar Key - Day # 4 - aka: New Years Day

It occurred to me that I hadn't taken any pictures of our camp, other than one taken at night of the awning lights, so here are a couple of perspective shots.  The first is taken from the dock looking back at our can see Chris and Cherie's GM (aka: "Zephyr")  in the foreground.  The second is taken from our coach looking back toward the water.....the dock is hidden by "Zephyr".

New Year's Day......our first ever celebrated on the road, outside California, and here we are a coast away from our home celebrating in a place where the night time low was in the mid 50's, and the high was close to 70....and there was sunshine.....warm, delicious, soothing, healing sunshine.

TLE and I watched a little of the beginning of the Rose Parade, but it just didn't seem the same watching it on a 22" TV.  Eventually we walked over to site #58 to retrieve our love seat folding chair and fireplace (we ended up, at Sam's request, leaving the fireplace for him to clean and return later in the day).  We were the last ones to retrieve our belongings, and with the retrieval of our chair there was no evidence left of the celebration from the night/morning before.

I mentioned in yesterday's entry that TLE had lost one of her prized dangling earrings the day before on our walk back from town.  She had gone back to look for it, but had not found it.  Even though another day had expired, and the odds of finding it diminished, I suggested we walk back and double team it this time....two sets of eyes are much better.   As we strolled along I sensed that TLE was making peace with the loss, but I just had a feeling we would find it.  We had walked almost half way back to town when suddenly a feeling of expectation came over me that we were near the spot where it was lost, and would come upon it in seconds......the thought was still hanging in the air when TLE announced "I found it!"....there it was laying right on the sidewalk where it had fallen with one of it's feathers broken off.  

This is the second time she has lost one of these earrings, and miraculously found it again.  The first time was in a Dallas hotel a couple of years ago.  We were sharing a suite with our in-laws when TLE could not find one of her earrings......she looked everywhere in our room, but could not find it.  Patricia, married to my nephew Richard, upon hearing the news walked directly to the door of their suite, bent down and picked it up.  She said she had an immediate sense of where to find it.....hmmmmm.

Well, we walked home, retrieved my soldering tools from the trailer, got out one of TLE's cutting boards, and with with TLE holding a large magnifying glass over the earring I proceeded to successfully solder the "feather" back to the earring.  My soldering skills have improved a lot since we were in Mesa, AZ last February where my friend Tom McCloud showed me how to do a proper soldering job.....thank you again Tom!

We lazed around the rest of the watching Bowl games.....the Rose Bowl, which I always watch, was a defensive thriller right down to the last 60 seconds with Sanford making an interception, the only turnover of the game, to seal the win, 17 - 14, over Wisconsin.  An earlier Bowl game between South Carolina and Michigan came right down to the last 16 seconds.

Near the end of the Orange Bowl game (Northern Illinois vs. Florida State) TLE turns to me and says "I love our life".....well, what husband does not want to hear that from his wife after 41 years of marriage, and 11 months of living a nomadic life in a 200 sq ft motorcoach??

That was a perfect ending to the first day of 2013!

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