Monday, January 21, 2013

Cedar Key - Day # 24 - The Livin is Easy

I'm sorry, I have no stories to tell you about Sunday involving new places visited, amazing food, cool restaurants, etc.  Sunday was just a great day to be alive and, well, just be, and that was good enough.  The humidity was low, the sky was blue, and there was a gentle breeze blowing all day long.  

Around 11:30 TLE and I walked over to Low Key Hideaway to say our goodbyes to Brian and Maria who were departing after a month's stay.  They will be missed, but wait.....we will probably see them again on Marathon Key.....we both have reservations at Jolly Roger Travel Park that slightly overlap.  TLE had made some "spent grain" muffins as a going away present along with a small dab of cream cheese for them.

I spent some time working on the will recall that we broke a spoke when we were in Vancouver, and I was able to buy a replacement in Twin Falls, ID which I installed somewhere in between there and Campbellsville.  Whenever a spoke breaks the rim has be trued again.  I was not totally happy with the result the last time I worked on it....there was still a small wobble in the wheel.  So, I spent about an hour working on the rear wheel, and I think I've got it about as good as it is going to get.  I'm hoping in the next few days I can talk TLE into a long ride on the tandem, so at least now it is ready to go!

While I was doing that TLE was busy sewing some Newell patches our friend Darlene McCloud had made for us while we spent 12 days in Mesa, AZ with she and Tom last, is that some run-on sentence, or what, and was that was almost a year ago now?  Well, they looked great when she made them, and they look even better on my hat and jacket!

The NFC and AFC NFL championship games were Sunday so I watched most of the NFC game which saw the 49ers win over the Falcons in a nail biter, and in the nightcap the Ravens bested the Patriots......that one was a surprise to the Super Bowl matchup is set.....49ers vs. Ravens!  

Later on that evening we cranked up the outdoor fireplace and the NuRVer gang gradually converged on Site Cherie says "NuRVers is what happens around the campfire".  I lit the fire a little after 6 and the last coals were dying around 11:30......5 hours of wonderful and varied conversations.  An additional NuRVer couple, Danny and Cindy, arrived yesterday for a week, so we got to know them, and additionally our campfire drew in Gary and Lynn, who are not formally part of our group, but they would love to live this the circle gets larger.  I had the outdoor TV on so those who were interested, could keep track of the Ravens vs. Patriots game.

Tomorrow we will bid adieu to Sam and Tracy whose time in paradise is expiring and work is calling them north to Atlanta.  Soon we will be the ones moving on, and it will be bittersweet, too.

I was a little late getting to the "sunset dock" Sunday.....the 49er vs. Falcon game was a cliffhanger and didn't end until just before 6 pm.....nevertheless, what I caught was gorgeous.....again!


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