Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cedar Key - Day # 33 - The End and the Beginning

Where we were on January 30th, 2012..........Rancho Jurupa Regional Park, Riverside, CA

Where we are today.........Suncet Isle RV Park, Cedar Key, Florida

One year ago today, Wednesday, January 3oth, 2012 we began our multi year odyssey around the USA.  We've been back and forth across our country 3 times in that time span.......any we have only just begun to explore!

Okay, now what can I write about Tuesday?  It was cold, damp and overcast to start out, but like most days here in paradise the sun came out.....and so did the humidity......there is a front coming in Wednesday, and no doubt it is pushing the humid air before it.  Mind you, no the mind numbing humidity, but humidity is 93% as I write.

I spent  a little more time working on Pat's mountain bike.......replacing a couple of rusty bolts on the stem, and then got to work on Bill Kasson's bike.......he had brought his bike over Monday while I was deep in the weeds on Pat's, saying the brakes needed adjustment.  I put his bike up on the rack and could see immediately what the problem was.....he has a basket on the front that the brake cables are "threaded" around and through.  It was the way they were routed that was increasing the friction of the cables in their housing making them stick, and not function smoothly, so I detached the cables from the brakes and re-routed both of them resulting in a better braking experience.  

After delivering Bill's bike back to him I returned to the coach, turned on the AC and took a shower......very humid out in the trailer, even with the fan running.

Around 1 pm I walked over to Chris' coach for a presentation he and Cherie were going to do about their Lithium Iron Phosphate batter bank.  When all interested parties were assembled I think we numbered around 9, or 10.  Chris and Cherie are way out there on the "bleeding edge" of this technology, and I have been following their experiment with great interest.  Chris has written an article entitled "A Year on Lithium" on the link to read this extremely thorough report and analysis.  This is probably the 3rd time I have heard their presentation, but I learn something new every, it doesn't hurt that they are very interesting people talking about a very interesting subject.

(picture courtesy of Cherie)

Around 2 I walked back to the coach, and the rest is kind of a blur.....I know I took a nap at some point....did a little insurance work....napped again, and before I knew it 5 pm had rolled around.  Our original plan was to walk over to the Tiki Bar for sunset, then return and enjoy some of TLE's delicious stir fry......

Well, one thing led to another.......we ended up ordering in pizza from Island Pizza to the Tiki Bar and talking until well after 8 pm.  Our Sunset Isle neighbors (Site C) Jack and Elizabeth joined our gang around 5:30 to watch the sunset, and we pretty much spent the rest of the early evening talking with them, Forest and Cindy (Finally Newellin').  We were introduced to two friends of Chris and Cherie.......Lesson and can see Lesson in the picture above just to Chris' "stage left".....Josie is being obscured by the bar tender.  Of course, you have probably guessed by now that Lesson's parents are/were hippy's, hence the unusual name......BUT, it fits.....he is a very interesting guy.  I listened to Josie talking and began to realize there was a very interesting accent at work there......finally I said to her "I just have to ask what is the origin of that fascinating accent?"  she replied that she grew in Puerto Rico, and then spent a lot of time in the her Puerto Rican accent is flavored with a southern that is a new one for me.....very captivating.

Looking back at the Tiki Bar from the dock just at sunset..........

The pizza arrived around 7:30 (Forest and Cindy split an 18" pizza with TLE and I......half the pizza had anchovies, which Forest, TLE and I enjoyed....there were liberal amounts of black olives, mushrooms and onions on the entire pizza).   As we ate we continued our talk with Jack, Elizabeth, Forest and Cindy.  Jack and Elizabeth are from Vermont, and spend 5-7 months on the road each year in their 5th wheel.  Like so many people we have met on our journey they are great people with a great story.  Looking forward to getting better acquainted in our remaining days here in Cedar Key......which are now down to 5.....:(  Around 8:30 the noseeums starting getting at my ankles, so we ambled back to our home.

We watched an episode of NCIS Los Angeles on live cable TV, and then called it a night.  I am really beginning to love when a day doesn't go as just never know what delightful things will happen if you are willing to deviate from your course a little.

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