Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cedar Key - Day # 16 - Prime Time

During our sojourn at we enrolled in Amazon Prime.  Essentially Amazon Prime gives you 1-2 day delivery at no charge, no matter how large, or small the item(s) being shipped.  It costs roughly $79 per year.  A number of friends who fulltime in their RV's use this to have things shipped to them wherever they happen to be at the time.  As TLE and I know from our 11 week experience at you can buy pretty much anything through Amazon, including many food staples.  TLE has bought a special honey she likes, some hard to find spices, etc. using our Prime account.  I am finding that a lot of people I know who live in sticks and bricks homes also use Amazon Prime.  Let's face it, most of the time there is no sales tax, and there is no shipping charge, and the convenience of receiving what you need within 2 days is pretty cool.  I have no financial stake in recommending that you check it out.  It, of course, is not for everyone, but we are finding that it works for our lifestyle quite well.

Saturday was "dump the black tank" day.....I think we went close to 13 days this time.  While I was flushing the "cooties" out of the black tank I decided to multi-task and wipe off the T-Bird.....normally, for me, this is not a good idea, because sometimes I get caught up with one task and forget the other......use your imagination.  This time it worked out well.  We decided we would walk into town and browse around.  It was a very humid day (around 89%) with a high of 81 degrees.....not as bad as I have experienced, but a lot warmer than we are aiming for.....:D  By the time we reached dock street we decided we needed to cool down a little, so we stopped off at the Island Trading Company where we acquired two frappuccinos, then went outside to sit in the shade.  Being that it was Saturday the town was packed with weekenders.  We sat there with smug smiles on our faces, because we knew we didn't have to leave this paradise on Sunday to head back to a sticks and bricks life.....we get to stay!

From there we walked over to 2nd street to see what was for sale in the Deja Vu consignment store.  TLE found some purplish earrings to go with her purple summer dress she got in Chiefland the day before, and a tank top........she deferred on several paperback books she saw.....whew!

On our walk back we passed a yard sale in progress so stopped to see what was what.  I found this propane regulator in a cardboard box of tools for $3.....all the fittings, the gate valve, and pressure regulator, if sold separately, retail for around $35, conservatively......SCORE!  Always good to have an extra regulator.....I have two in use in the coach, and they do fail from time to time.....none of mine have, but I like to be prepared.  

When we stopped by Sandy's Produce (we can never pass without buying something) Todd saw the regulator in my hand.....I saw him staring, and told him about my great find....he immediately offered me $10, then $15.....he knew what I knew.  I smiled, and declined his offer.

We continued our walk, and as we passed by a local cafe called the Blue Desert Cafe TLE remarked that we should have dinner there that is only open from 5 pm to 9pm most nights, but til 10 pm on Saturday nights.  I put up a notice on the NuRVers Cedar Key Meetup site regarding our intentions, and before we knew we were a party of 9.  We started our walk around 6 pm with Chris, Cherie, Pace and Kyeli, and as we passed by Low Key Hideaway we snagged 3 more......Debby, Bill and Forrest.

The picture taken at the Blue Desert Cafe (above) was taken by TLE using her new IPhone camera set on panorama......other than a little distortion in my profile, I think it came out great!  We knew going in that the service at this cafe was slow, but the food is great, and we were not disappointed on either count.  Of course, we are on island time, and enjoyed the time before our food arrived to talk, and talk, and talk......great conversation followed by great food.

The walk home involved more conversation, and before we knew it we were home and it was only 8:45......just in time to catch the end of the Ravens vs. Broncos game, lost in double overtime by the Broncos.....a very close game.  The second game between the Packers and 49ers saw the 49ers emerge victorious.  Sunday there will be two more NFL playoff games, so you know where I will be starting at 1pm!

And, thus we come to the end of another delightful day at Cedar key.

TLE took the sunset picture for Saturday

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