Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cedar Key - Day # 8 - The Sea Eagle

To me every day seems like Saturday now, and I think that is a good thing.  Saturdays have always been one of the best days of the week for me going back decades.  I loved to wake up Saturday mornings with the realization that it was NOT a work day.  Sure, back in the days when our kids were in soccer Saturday meant we were up early, and on our way to the soccer pitch to coach and referee youth soccer all day, which can resemble work, especially with 5 kids, but it was not work in the sense it was something we chose to do for our pleasure, not required in order to pay the mortgage.

Saturday started off mostly clear with lots of early sunshine.....yay!  TLE and I got around 8 am up to see off Todd and Lucy, NuRVer friends, who are heading south to Naples, FL for a multi month workamper job Lucy picked up.  We enjoyed getting to know Todd and Lucy for the week we have been here, and are already missing them.

Lucy and Todd

When we last left off we had just received the Sea Eagle kayak via FedEX, along with TLE's new I-Phone 5.  Whilst TLE spent time on the phone with Verizon activating her phone I opened up the very large box and began assembling our new toy.   We got the Sea Eagle Sport SE-330 Pro Package which includes two double bladed paddles, two deluxe seats, a foot pump, storage bag, repair kit, and dry bag.  The SE-330 measures 11.5 fee in length when inflated, and has a 500 pound load capacity.  Their larger model, the SE-370 is one foot longer, and has a carrying capacity of 650 lbs.  Delflated the kayak weighs 31 lbs. and is 24" X 17" X 7"......great for easy storage!

Around 2:30 we decided to take our, almost, daily walk into town to buy two life preservers, 10 feet of boat line for the bow, and have lunch.   By this time is was getting a little cloudy, but was still balmy.  We stopped in at the "Big Deck Raw Bar" on Dock Street in downtown for lunch.....I had this amazing "Black and Bleu Burger" with curly fries chased by a couple of pints of their draft "double stout".....I am sorry, I do not remember the name of the brewer, but it was excellent!

We picked up the 10' length of boat line on our way to "Big Deck" and the two life preservers on our walk home arriving back at Sunset Isle around 5 pm.....just in time to catch the rising tide.  Forrest Clark, NuRVer, joined us in his single kayak, and eventually we caught up with Bill and Debby Kasson in their canoe meandering aimlessly, to quote Debby, around the oyster beds.  She took the picture below of our maiden voyage in the "Eagle".

Forest in his "single"

We paddled around for about 20 minutes and then decided it was getting dark quickly....time to head for shore!  We'll make a couple of changes to the seat spacing to give me a little more leg room, but overall we like our Sea Eagle, and are looking forward to getting out in it again. We found it to be very stable, and were never concerned with capsizing....well, maybe TLE was for a couple of minutes, but within minutes she said she realized it was not going to flip over.

We said our "good evenings" and thanked Forrest for allowing us to beach our kayak at his water front site where there was a nice sandy beach, and no mud....yay!

I finished watching the Texan vs. Bengal NFL wild card game, and then settled in to watch the Packers vs. Vikings.....a pretty lopsided matchup compared to last Sunday's very close game.

It's supposed to rain today, Sunday, but so far it looks a lot like yesterday.  There will be more NFL in a few hours.....and it still feels like Saturday to me!

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