Sunday, January 6, 2013


For a guy who, for most of his life, liked to drive in straight lines this past year has been one of learning to think outside the box, slowing down to enjoy the moment, learning to trust in serendipity, reconnecting with family, renewing friendships, and extending friendships.  We left Rancho Jurupa Regional Park where we had been camp hosts on January 30th.  While we had not been rolling our wheels much for the 12 months we were there (there were a few short local trips) TLE and I had learned to live together in a much smaller space, with fewer material possessions, and on WAY less money.
We have been on our journey just over 11 months now, and it still feels like we have just begun.  Here are some pictorial highlights of our 11 months on the road.

Aguanga, CA where our solar panels were installed

Solar power

Indo, CA for Super Bowl Sunday - 1st courtesy parking spot

Mesa, AZ....more courtesy parking at Tom and Darlene's home for 12 days

Courtesy parked at my sister-in-law's home - Bullard, TX.  Had to replace the engine water pump here.

A great, world famous, BBQ place in Austin, TX

Austin, TX courtesy parking...a rainy day

Mad Dog Pub on the Riverwalk, San Antonio, TX

Free dry camping along the Nueces River....Corpus Christi

Malakite Beach, South Padre Island - National Seashore

Galveston Island

Bolivar Peninsula

Of course....the home of Tabasco

Zydeco Festival inThibodaux, LA

Big Easy

LSU Tiger Stadium - Baton Rouge (Red Stick)

Thibodaux, LA - courtesy parking & 50 amps!

Daphne, AL - Mobile Bay

Tiki Bar, Cedar Key the first time - March, 2012

The Paradise Club - Ernie's home - Stuart Beach, FL - Courtesy Parking for 10 days!

Kennedy Space Center

St. Augustine, FL

Savannah, GA

Olympic Park, Atlanta, GA

Near Heflin, AL - Courtesy parking

Nocculula Falls, Gadsden, AL, Campbellsville, KY as we passed through in April

Courtesy parking at my sister's (Jill) home in Chelsea, Michigan.  We get asked all the time how we are at backing up.  Well, follow this link to a YouTube video my sister made of us backing out of this very tight spot: 

Serendipity - Meeting Karen and "Krash" - blog followers

Kimmel, IN - courtesy parking

Granite City Brewery in Lincoln, NB

First time over the Continental Divide

Craters of the Moon near Arco, ID

Coeur d' Alene, ID - courtesy parked at George and Brenda's home

Spokane, WA - courtesy parked at my sister's (Hilary) home for 5 weeks.  We actually moved out of the coach and into a large suite in my sister's home for this time.  The only time we have been out of our coach since we started our journey.

Coupeville, WA - courtesy parked at Bob and Karen's home for 2 weeks

This takes us through late July.  I'll post again tomorrow with the rest bringing us to our current location!

TO BE CONTINUED...........


  1. Nice job backing out of that sport Clark... And the Jake song on your way out was a nice touch to this old Trucker...

  2. Just discovered your blog--interesting! Looking forward to hearing more from you guys! We've been in many of the same places you have...

  3. Welcome Jeannie and Eldy.....glad to have you on board. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Now that you have your 11months and 12k miles in, what would you do different? Sounds like you both have adjusted nicely to being FT.

  5. Hi Mike...thanks for stopping by! We've talked about what we might have done differently a number of times, and in the end we each agree we wouldn't change a thing. Anything we would change would have meant a lost opportunity to reconnect with school friends, siblings, relatives, or make the numerous "new" friends we now have. Will we cover as many mile as we did in 2012? Nope!! We will probably drive about half that much this year, and will not cross the USA three times.

  6. Very nice. This is the first post I have read. I followed the link over from Technomadia. I have you bookmarked and I will be going along for the ride this year. Be safe out here on the road.


  7. Thanks for stopping by Davy, Kelly and Odie! Great to have you along for the "ride"!


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