Friday, January 11, 2013

Cedar Key - Day # 14 - Circuit Training, Kayaking and Napping

Have I mentioned previously that it has been humid here lately?  Well, just in case I have not......IT IS HUMID HERE RIGHT NOW!  Now that I've got that out of my system here is a recap of day 14 in Cedar Key.

I was greeted by a stiff breeze Thursday morning, and it felt a little less HUMID.....okay, this is a good thing!

There is a group of NuRVer people who have been getting together on Tuesday's and Thursday's to work out.  They call it circuit reminds me of a lower impact version of the "Cross Fit" workout I attended with my friend Ernie last April.  I have been wanting to get into some sort of routine, and it is always easier when there are others involved.  I do better with accountability.  Well, they start what they call "circuit training" at 8:30 am, so this Thursday I was determined to show up and start a routine that I can duplicate on the road when we start moving again.  They start out running a little over 1/4 mile after some basic stretching....each person does what works for them.  Then we go through three different "circuits"  of repetition.  For example......there were three "stations" in the first "circuit" is doing "crunches" while resting your back on a large air filled ball, one is doing "lunges" and the third was doing squats.  We each moved from station doing each routine for 30 seconds, and repeating that cycle 3 times.  We then took a short break, and then moved on to a new "circuit" with three different routines, and then another short break, and then a third circuit capped off when a little Yoga.  As I said, it was very low impact, and I think will work well for me.  I'm very glad I have until next Tuesday before our next "circuit training"....I'm a little stiff today.

When I got "home" TLE was up, and had the AC running so I could cool down in a humidity free environment.  After a shower, and a snack I took a nap.......okay, I may be young at heart, but my body is not......:D

The high tide cycle has finally swung around so we have one high tide early to mid afternoon now for a while.  Today's daytime high tide was around 1:30 pm, so we decided to catch the rising tide and take the Sea Eagle out for a few miles.  Now that we've adjusted the seat positions in our Sea Eagle it worked a lot better.....TLE's seat was too far back last time, and I had no place for my legs.  Now we both have plenty of leg room, and the paddling was very enjoyable.  We stayed out a little over an hour paddling.....after the morning "circuit training" and then the paddling around 4 miles I was getting a little tired, but I got by without another nap.

After returning TLE and both spent a little time sorting out our closets....time to remove the winter least for now, and make our spring/summer attire more accessible......all those heavy coats are now in my closet at the back of the coach where I store things I rarely wear, or that are way out of season.  Other stuff like long pants, etc. goes under the bed in a Rubbermaid storage container.  Both TLE and I have gotten down to one storage container under the bed now, and TLE actually permanently discarded some clothing.

Around 5:15 we poured a little Scotch and walked across to the dock by Chris and Cherie's GM bus, and watched the sun set for the 14th time here at Cedar Key.......I was asked the other day which sunset has been my favorite....I didn't know how to answer the is hard to choose.  But, my friend Ernie says it best...."My favorite sunset is the one I am watching", and I think that pretty much says it all.

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