Saturday, September 10, 2016

Change is in the air....

9:12 am - Saturday - 57 F degrees, 40% humidity, wind 2 mph, sunny, cloudless, blue skies.  I see the high in my former hometown, Ontario, CA, will be 94 F degrees today......our high here in SLT will be 82 F.

Friday was kind of a 'carbon copy' of Thursday.....relaxed, napped, read.  TLE ran another load of laundry through the Splendide and then it was time to go to work.  We went in an hour early (2 pm) as we had a large group coming into the park and wanted to be sure we had enough people on duty to handle the load.

For the first 4 hours I went from one thing to barking complaint, propane, helped various people get into their sites, checked the cable TV reception at two sites, patrolled, checked a cabin to be sure it had been cleaned (it had not) for someone who came in a day early, cleaned up the water heater/janitorial supply room at the restroom in Section A (a new water heater had just been installed), closed down and treated the swimming pool, restocked the ice house conveyor belt with 7 lb. ice bags, fixed a leaking hose bib, checked electric at two sites (one gentleman had not switched the 30 amp breaker to the 'ON' position), delivered a portable fire pit to a site, emptied the trash cans in the maintenance yard.....let's see....have I forgotten anything.....nope....and that was before 6 pm.

Around 8 pm we got an email notification that our 'DigiRez' (reservations) and 'ACE' (cash register/inventory control) systems would be shut down at 9 pm (11 pm Central Time) for software maintenance, so we had to hurriedly do our end of day routine 2 hours early, which meant we could not sell anything after 9 pm.

We are at the part of the season when we now have no more entertainment (movies, live music, karaoke) in the tent, and no more pancake breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday.  We'll be taking the tent down within the next two weeks, and TVC will begin to empty dramatically.  The sun is now setting a little earlier each evening, and it is rising a little later each morning.  More of our friends (Gordy and Carol) are leaving Saturday as our staff continues to shrink.  It is a time for reflection, and a time to look ahead to next season......

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