Thursday, September 15, 2016


8:31 am - Thursday - 40 F degrees, humidity 69%, wind - calm, sunny, clear blue skies, forecast high today is 71 F degrees....order is restored.....

The TVC population continues to shrink.....and without looking at DigiRez (our reservation system) to verify how many sites are occupied, I'm pretty sure we have less than 100 sites occupied right now.  It was my decision to haul some of the stuff I took out of the trailer over to the storage shed in the maintenance yard that brought the even emptier nature of TVC to my attention.  I  also spent a little more time organizing the trailer and beginning to put more stuff away in anticipation of our departure in a few weeks.  

Our on site Thousand Trails sales guy, Dan Burnette, asked to take TLE and I to lunch at Verde Mexican Rotisserie Grill out in Meyers as a 'thank you' for our help this summer, and Wednesday was the day.  Dan picked us up at our site (our car is in the shop as you may recall) around 1:30 and whisked us out to Meyers in just a few minutes.  We chose to dine alfresco in spite of the still frigid temperatures, but found a table in the sun which made all the difference.  We've gotten to know Dan over the course of the summer, and have become good friends.  Dan works the same days we do, and usually wraps up his work day around 9 pm at which time I follow him down to the maintenance yard in my cart where he plugs in his cart to recharge overnight, and then give him a ride back to his car.  We had a lovely 2 hour lunch and were back home a little after 3:30 pm.

We had friends arriving at TVC in their new to them 42' travel trailer between 6 and 7 pm, so we hung around to be sure we were available to help them into their site when they it turned out Charles and Bobbie had some truck trouble, and didn't arrive until just after sundown, which always adds to the excitement of backing into a site.  Nevertheless we got them into their site successfully.  We left them to hookup their utilities and get set up, inviting them to join us for a fire at their convenience.  We sat around the fire talking until after 9:30 pm before deciding it had been a long travel day for them and we all headed inside for the night.

It's back to work Thursday, but we are changing up our schedule.....while we will still be working the afternoon/night shift, we have changed our days off to Sunday and Monday.  I'm sure we will be moving back to the day shift within the next 10 days, or so.

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