Sunday, September 25, 2016

Shorter and shorter....

7:51 am - Sunday - 36 F degrees, 55% humidity, wind 6 mph out of ESE....sundown at 6:51 pm today.  Got to bed late, and up way too matter.....I'm off today!  NFL and naps await me.

Finally, back to short pants and t-shirts weather.....if only for a few days.  Thursday and Friday were frigid, but Saturday it got back to 70 F degrees again, and I returned to my normal work wear.....but I get ahead of myself.

TLE and I spent the morning taking down some of our 'stuff' in preparation for our move over to Section G in a couple of weeks.  I cleaned up our Coleman stove so I could put it away.....with it being so cold in the mornings now I'm pretty sure we're not going to be cooking breakfast outside anymore.  I also spent time checking out all my 'engines'......I pulled out the Honda 1000 watt generator and was happy to find that after 5 months of NO use it started on the third pull!  Then I started up the 7.5 kilowatt generator, and it caught on the second attempt and ran very smoothly....again, not bad after 5 months of non-use.  Lastly I turned over the Detroit Diesel's been about a month since I turned it over, and in spite of it still being quite cold it fired up on the third try.....nice!  I let it idle up to operating temperature before shutting her down.

Once again we didn't go to work until 3 pm (we clocked in about 2:50 pm) and planned on shutting the office/store at 9 pm once again.  I spent time making sure all the unoccupied sites from 101-111 had logs across them so they could not be used as shortcuts, I fixed a couple of small holes in the fence along Melba that all the big holes are fixed I'm focusing more on the smaller ones.  I closed the pool just after 6 pm due to no one using it.....I'm thinking this will be the last weekend for the pool.  We figure the heater is consuming about 4 gallons of propane per hour with the cold temps, which comes out to almost 700 gallons per week now.....that gets expensive when only 2, or 3 people are using it each day now.

As it turned out all our arrivals had checked in and registered by 7 pm, so we decided to close the office/store at 8 pm.....we ended up clocking out by 8:20 giving us our shortest work day since May at 5.5 hours.  I think this is the first time all summer we have had no late arrivals (those with reservations)....we are getting many more 'walk ins' each day now as we have so many empty sites.

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