Monday, September 19, 2016

'That's the ticket.......'

(.....a favorite movie quote of mine stolen from Jon Lovitz)

7:50 am - Monday - 36 F degrees, 67% humidity, wind 5 mph out of south......sunny, clear, blue skies.  Another day off, a few naps, installing the new Fantastic Fan in the trailer.

It got to 81 F degrees Sunday, but that just lent itself to watching the NFL outdoors.  As I sat at my computer around 7:17 am checking to see when the Broncos would be playing, and on what channel.....surprise, surprise, surprise....their game is not being televised by the networks.  This happened often last year, and no doubt it happens to many of you who have a favorite NFL team, and only want to watch them play each Sunday, Monday, or Thursday.  I've toyed with getting the NFL Sunday Ticket for several seasons, but never pulled the trigger, but this time I was bugged.....I wanted to watch them at home against Indianapolis.  I brought up the DirecTV website to investigate the cost for NFL Sunday Ticket, and found it was an extra $45 per month during the NFL season......that's about $11.25 per week......yep, it's worth it.  I clicked on the 'ACTIVATE' button, and within 5 minutes I had channels 705 to 718, and could watch any game I wanted......woooohooo!

Of course, my reason for changing up my schedule to have Sunday and Monday off was so I could watch NFL football.  Last year at this time we were in Cape Blanco at the beginning of the NFL regular season and I spent most Sundays all fall and winter watching fact I spent most Saturday's watching NCAA college football.  At any rate, since we decided to remain at TVC until late October it was needful to change my days off for the sake of my football mental health, and now I also subscribe to NFL Sunday is good.

We had no plans whatsoever for Sunday except to watch football all day long, and that is pretty much what I between wonderful, delicious naps.  We watched the 10 am game inside, but as it got warmer we moved outside for the afternoon games.  The Denver v. Indianapolis game was close until the 4th quarter when the Denver defense scored two touchdowns to enable Denver to win 34-20.  Unfortunately, my other favorite team, the Seahawks, only managed a field goal in 60 minutes losing 9-3 to the L.A. Rams.....sounds like a baseball score.  We moved back inside for the Sunday night game between the Packers and Vikings, and that my friends was what my Sunday looked like.  

On a side note all that hard work repairing the fence along Melba Drive has manifested itself in sore hands, fingers, and shoulders.  I had to soak my hands in epsom salts for about 10 minutes to take away some of the oh are they stiff!  The epsom salts helped enormously.....I wish I could soak my shoulders in epsom salts!

We were in bed a little after 10....I slept for almost 10 hours....thanks for stopping by!

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