Thursday, September 29, 2016

The second time around.....

8:22 am - Thursday - 44 F degrees, 56% humidity,  wind 5 mph out of SSW....partly cloudy, but sunny......forecast high is 72 F degrees.....beginning to cool down once again....9 hours of sleep last night.

I hadn't taken a bike ride for a while....maybe close to a month.....which is unusual for me, but, as you know, I did have an heel injury.  At any rate I was determined to get out for a modest ride Wednesday.  TLE was going into work at noon, but I was not going until 2 pm......just not enough to do.  Whenever I get on my bike to take a ride I rarely ever know how far, or which route, and that is how I began my ride Wednesday around noon.  As I approached US-50 I opted to take 'D' Street over to Lake Tahoe Blvd. to pick up the bike path there.  As I crossed back over Lake Tahoe Blvd. to continue on the path along Sawmill I decided I would continue on to the end of the bike path in Meyers.  Normally I would make the turn around just past the 'Divided Sky Restaurant' and then cross over US-50 to ride back to TVC, but as I made the turn I decided to stay on the bike path and take it all the way back to 'D' Street and home.  I ended up doing just about 14.3 miles and did it in just slightly over 1 hour.

I took a quick shower, had a bite to eat and headed for work to find this 'Who's In The Park' report showing just 72 sites occupied.......yep, definitely feels like May again.....

..... here are only three RV's left in Section A, six in Section F, and maybe 11 in Section E (and two of those are staff members).  The A restroom has been winterized, and the restroom in F is probably next with E shortly behind.  By the middle of next week we will be down to G which is always open.  The pool has been mostly drained and winterized.  The shelves in the store are becoming bare as we let the inventory wind down for the season.

Most of the morning I had been exchanging messages with Newell friends Guy and Sue who are taking their first big trip in their 1984 Newell they purchased earlier this summer from other Newell friends Todd and Dawn Flickma.  I, along with other Newell owners spent time working on this Newell when Todd first purchased finger prints are all over it.....I installed the Winegard crank up satellite dish, I helped repair a hinge on the electrical bay door, I helped polish up two of the ALCOA aluminum wheels, I installed the 'new' front bumper section to replace a damaged one.  This is their first trip together since Guy flew back to South Dakota to buy the Newell and drive it home by himself. They are still in the middle of the Newell learning curve.......

....this picture reminds of the first time we were parked next to this Newell a few years back in Sioux Falls, SD.....

Fairgrounds in Sioux Falls, SD

......we still had the T-Bird back then.  I guided Guy and Sue over to site 427, right next to us, then left them to finishing setting up while I went back to work.  Guy and Sue had planned to arrive around Noon time, but Jello disguised as road construction along US-395 slowed them down, and they did not arrive at TVC until after 3 pm.

TLE and I both clocked out at 6 pm, and headed for home.......Wednesday was also the end of the current pay period.....I worked just 69 hours the last two weeks which is more like it!  We quickly changed clothes and then began the walk over to Lake Tahoe Pizza with Guy and Sue.  We were there almost two hours, but the time seemed to just fly by as we talked about everything Newell.  We are looking forward to the next 5 days working with Guy and Sue on their Newell learning curve.  We first met Guy and Sue back in early April (click here for that story) when they were just beginning to think about fulltiming, and buying a Classic Newell.

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