Saturday, September 3, 2016

One half of one percent......

9:20 am - Saturday - 63 F degrees and heavily overcast.  Slept in today until after 9, obviously.  First off, my left heel feels much better this morning!

Friday I spent most of the morning and early afternoon staying off my feet to give my heel a rest.  TLE went into work about 11 am to allow another front desk employee to leave for two hours for an appointment.  I spent the time reading and resting up for my shift at 3:30 pm.  TLE returned home about 1:40 pm, and then we both headed back to work just before 3:30 pm. 

We expected 185 arrivals Friday, and they came in waves of 3-5 RV's at a time.  We are a little short staffed so I kept getting called away from keeping watch over the entrance to check, or fix cable TV boxes, deliver firepits, check water issues, help people back into their sites in the name it, I did it Friday afternoon/evening.  Through all of that we managed to keep the entrance from getting too backed up, and kept people going to their sites.

Of course, all the craziness one might associate with a holiday weekend was in full swing......loud music, inebriated folks talking way too loud, a lot of kid related screaming and yelling, people driving illegal vehicles in the park, etc.  I stayed very busy for my entire 8 hour shift, and by the time we clocked out at 12:07 am I was exhausted.....but wait, there is more.

You will remember I wrote recently about the inconsiderate RVers who arrive at midnight, or later, then spend 20 minutes idling their diesels, and generators getting into their site waking up, or otherwise disturbing their neighbors.  Well, Friday night one them who was assigned to the empty site (427) next to us arrived just after we clocked out.  We had barely settled down to go to bed when these folks arrived in front of our RV in a large Class A running their engine and generator full tilt, and sat there for 5-10 minutes idling while their kids ran around the site talking loudly, and making noise.  Finally they began to back into the site, never having turned off their engine, or generator in all this time, and then sat there in the site for another 10 minutes doing what I have no idea.  Finally at 12:30 am I walked over and asked then "Please finish whatever you are doing and turn everything off.  You are disturbing your neighbors".....instead of just apologizing the guy hurls several 'F' bombs my way, so I walk back over and tell him once again....."Please just finish what you are doing and turn everything off!" and then walked back to my coach hearing more insults hurled my way.  Finally after another 5 minutes he turned off the engine, and then a few minutes later the generator.   The inconsiderate RVers who arrive well after business hours account for about 1% of our customers, and those who are unapologetic about their rude behavior make up 1/2 of 1% of our customers.  It is that 1/2 of 1% who really get my goat.

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