Sunday, September 11, 2016

'No smoking....'

7:29 am - Sunday - 42 F degrees, 66% humidity, clear blue skies, windless, projected high - 77 F degrees......awake too early.

Once again TLE and I reported for work at 2 pm in anticipation of a workload that never materialized.  We had a large group sponsored by an RV dealer in Reno, NV (Sprads RV).  Each year they sponsor a two day event inviting customers who have purchased RV's from them in the past, and they pay for one night.  Many of those who had signed up to come did not, so in spite of being 100% booked on paper, our occupancy was just over 50%.

Robert, our manager, gave me a task Friday that needed to be done by Monday.....we have one large propane tank near the cottages (we have over a dozen throughout the park) that did not have the required warning stenciled on its side....."No smoking, or open flames or other source of ignition permitted within 10 feet".  The State of California inspector who came to inspect our propane tanks a month, or so ago requested this be done.  I was able to find stencils in the maintenance shed, got Adam to buy a couple of cans of red spray paint, then went to work..... took me a little bit to get my technique down, but I think over all it came out alright.  In all it took me about 3 hours as I had to do this on both sides, and didn't have quite enough N's, or T's to do it all at once.  I was able to do three, or four words at a time, wait for the paint to dry before removing the stencils and then move them to the other side before going to the next words.....there are a lot of N's and T's in this warning!

I helped Adam, our maintenance manager, fix a 'open ground' in a 30 amp pedestal, patrolled the park, helped the Sprad caterer ferry large platters of food they were keeping in our walk in cooler in the store over to the Group Site, checked a couple of cable TV connections (again, not our problem, but something wrong with the wiring in the RV's), helped a few folks into their sites, and used the bullhorn to announce our 'Live Music' for the evening......yeah, I know.....I thought we were done too, but Robert forgot to call the performers to tell them not to come.

I made a run with Victor (assistant manager) over to the local TruValue Hardware Store to pick up a few things for projects I'll be working on the next week, or so......quick connect shackles for the swings that never got installed, bailing wire to fix all the holes in our fencing along Melba Drive (that may take over a week all by itself), and street paint so I can finish refreshing all the street markings in the park.

We closed the store by 10 pm, and began our quiet hour rounds of the park, plus our restroom run.....we, surprisingly, had to stop at several sites to quiet folks one the music was so loud I would have asked them to turn it down if it were broad daylight....why folks think playing music that loud in a campground is acceptable is beyond me.  Due to the number of people needing to be quieted down, and the need for us to go by a second time to be sure they quieted down, we didn't clock out until after 10:40 pm.

Sunday the Sprad group will depart the park, and we will be a ghost town once more.....thanks for stopping by!

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