Friday, September 2, 2016


8:55 am - Friday - A gorgeous day!  49 F degrees, deep blue cloudless skies with no breeze.  Slept very well last night!

Around 10 am Thursday I decided I needed to have TLE take me to the local urgent care (Tahoe Urgent Care) so I could have my foot xrayed for any possible fractures.  After filling out the required paperwork I realized I didn't have my Medicare card with me, so TLE drove 1 mile back to TVC to retrieve it while I waited to be seen.  She returned within 10 minutes, and I was taken into the 'small room' shortly thereafter.....  

.......Dr. Richard took three xrays and they all came out negative.....that is, there are no fractures....YAY!  He asked if I would like some crutches and I answered in the affirmative, and was at the front desk ready to pay whatever I owed.....whole process beginning to end less than one hour....that is probably the best urgent care experience I have ever had, and I have had my share, believe you me.  The receptionist advised me I had no co-payment due under Medicare....."YAY!" again.

TLE reported for work at 2 pm, and returned for yours truly with a golf cart about 3:25 to begin my shift.  The crutches were a great help, and by the end of my shift I was able to walk a few feet without them.  I spent a lot of time in the golf cart trying to stay off my foot, but that is easier said than done.  TLE and I were the only ones on Thursday night so it still fell to me to change out a mini-fridge in one of the cabins which had ceased to work, set up the portable fire pit at the tent for Karaoke Night, grab some firewood from the maintenance yard, service the swimming pool, and mop the floors of the office/store/laundry.  To be sure it was all done very slowly as I don't walk too fast right now, but it got done.

The night shift was very quiet in spite of the fact we had over 70 arrivals Thursday......Friday we are expecting 185 arrivals, and by Saturday we will be over 70% occupied again.  I am happy to report this morning (Friday) that my heel is feeling much better and appears to be on a fast track to recovery, and this in spite of all the time I spent walking around last night.

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