Thursday, September 8, 2016


8:45 am - Thursday - 40 F degrees, humidity 63%, sunny, cloudless, no wind.  Slept well, woke up before TLE as usual. Temp in our room (with my window open) got down to 55 F degrees.

TLE walked up to the office mid morning just to be sure Sally (the only one on duty in the office Wednesday morning) was fine, and didn't come back for over 2 hours......:-).  While she was gone I finished cleaning up around camp from our beer tasting party.  The end result is that now all the beer that remains fits in the Norcold reefer once again.  I also set up our new 'Sail' sun you can see below, the 'Sail' is a triangle with a 20' nylon ropes attached at each corner for attachment to some point.  I chose to attach two corners to each end of the awning, and then the third to a tall post (not pictured) on the edge of our site. actually opens up the patio area much more than with our traditional sun shade.  We're thinking we may get a couple more to provide more shade in our site while we are TVC.

I spent the rest of the day off my left heel is heeling, but after all the walking I did the prior couple of days it needed a break.  I spent my time in my zero gravity lounge chair reading and sipping sun tea, and just enjoying the relative quiet and emptiness of Section E.  We have three RV groups coming into the park this weekend, and things will get crowded one more time for a couple of days before the park really begins to empty.  

Around 5:15 pm we drove over to site 218 for Richard and Liz' annual dinner for TVC employees joined by Sandy and Phil.  Richard and Liz used to work here at TVC in the summers back before computers, so that is a long, long time ago.  It's always fun to talk to them about how things were at TVC 20 years ago......they actually had the job TLE and I have had the past 5 weeks.....night office and security duty.....

Left to right: Moi, Liz, Richard, TLE, Phil and Sandy

.....we had bratwurst and macaroni salad, and then chocolate cake for desert....the talking went on until 8:30 pm when the mosquitoes finally chased us home.

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  1. I like your sail and a beer tasting party sounds like a fun time.


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