Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Choices have consequences....

7:45 am - Tuesday - 35 F degrees, humidity 68%, wind 4 mph out of the south, sunny, cloudless skies.....forecast high - 80 F degrees.  

Since we did not go to bed until 1:40 am Monday morning, we did not get up until after 9 am Monday, which means we did not head for Carson City until almost 11 am.   We had intended to head down to Carson City much earlier, but our choice to stay up late essentially made an early departure time out of the question.  As a result our plan to spend time at the beach in the afternoon was no longer an option......I desperately needed a haircut, we were out of Scotch and other necessary sundries, so not making the round trip was out of the question.

The forecast high for SLT Monday was 80, which meant it would be over 90 F degrees in Carson City, and it was.  After all the cold last week it was nice to walk around Carson in flip flops, shorts and a t-shirt.  Our first stop was Supercuts where I was able to sit down immediately for my haircut.  I was 'in and out' in less than 20 minutes.....then it was time for our In-N-Out Burger fix.  TLE occasionally orders her cheeseburger in a lettuce wrap, which has no appeal to me whatsoever......when I go to In-N-Out I don't want a salad, I want a burger with a bun! We both usually order their #2 Combo (Cheeseburger, fries, drink), so while she waited in the short line I went to the bathroom.....by the time I returned she was just finishing the order....we were customer #85.  As it turned out the person taking TLE's order misunderstood and had two lettuce wrapped cheeseburgers made.....oh well, there's a first time for everything, so I went ahead and ate it that way.  One thing I learned is I will not be doing that again.  

We only had three more stops to make in Carson City after lunch.....Walmart, TJ's, and Costco.....we were headed back up to Spooner Pass by 2:30 pm.  After a quick stop at Dart/King Liquor near Stateline we were home by 3:30.

TLE spent the next 90 minutes putting everything away from our shopping foray, and I took a nap to catch up just a little on my lost sleep from the night before.  We chose not to watch the Presidential debate......I heard there were going to be three people debating.....Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Lester Holt....that's funny, I didn't realize Lester Holt was running for President.  At any rate, we had no interest in watching the three interrupting each other, talking over each other and making outrageous claims about each other for 90 minutes.....I would rather watch a horrible Monday Night Football game between the Falcons and Saints....which I did.

We were in bed by 11 pm......Monday was a good day, a relaxing day.....my kind of day!  Thanks for stopping by!

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