Sunday, September 18, 2016

No heating......

7:17 am - Sunday - 36 F degrees, 69% humidity, wind out of the south at 3 mph, sunny, clear blue skies......once again.  Up too early......once again.  Much NFL football will be watched this day.

Around 9 am (way too early to be out and about on a cold morning) I drove the Ranger cart, Lucky 13, over to Section F to pickup a large (12' X 34') piece of indoor/outdoor carpeting (all one piece) gifted to me by one of our customers (Bryan) who is here from July to October each season.  He doesn't like to haul this stuff back to his winter home.  Now, seriously, the last thing we need is another piece of carpeting (we have the artificial turf grass already), so I asked Victor (our assistant manager) if he wanted it.  He lives here year round and right now has a very small piece of indoor/outdoor carpeting.  This large piece will provide 5 times more coverage outside his 5th wheel......of course he accepted the gift with great enthusiasm.  

When I arrived Bryan was about half way done rolling up the indoor/outdoor carpet so I helped him finish, thanked him repeatedly for his generous gift, hauled it in the Ranger cart over to Victor's site in Section A, and then unloaded it.  I was back to the coach by 10 am at which time I finished writing my daily blog entry.

We're going through a minor warming trend and the guessed high would be around 77 F degrees Saturday with the guessed low to come in around 42 F degrees......Sunday it will hit 80 F degrees for probably the last time.  As we drove to the office/store to begin our afternoon shift around 1:45 pm I could feel more of a warmth in the air that had been missing the previous two days.  After punching the clock I drove back out to the overflow area to see if the fence repairs I had made had survived any additional attempts to breach them, and found them still intact.....good!  I continued working my way south along Melba fixing more holes and managed to cover another 100 yards of repairs, which are getting more difficult.  This section of fence is probably in the worst condition of all our fencing as it has been neglected for years, but I managed to resurrect it to a state where it will prevent biped ingress.

TLE called me into the office after an hour, or so to do site checks.....they haven't been done for a few days so I made the rounds of all 156 sites occupied finding a few anomalies for TLE to ponder, then returned to my fence mending ways until about 5:30 when it was time for 'lunch'.  After lunch I spent time at site 147 helping the folks there figure out why they couldn't get our cable TV channels, then spent time closing down the pool early as we apparently ran out of propane Saturday, which means the pool heater is not working, which means the water is getting very cold.  The sides have been taken off the 'big tent', all the chairs stacked, and in a few days the roof will be taken down, which will officially mark the end of the 'season'.....

The rest of our shift was pretty slow, however, we kept the office/store open until 10 pm.....I dry and wet mopped the entire building (office/store/lounge and laundry) and we were off to inspect the restrooms, make our last 'quiet hour' rounds, and then home.  We spent an hour, or so with Charles and Bobbie around the fire sipping some Zinfandel, talking and laughing.

Saturday was a good day for me....only another 150 yards of fencing to mend and it will be on to other challenges.....thanks for stopping by!

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